Gain basic knowledge of secure product development

Learn how to protect information systems from cyber threats using the programming language that best suits your interests and career goals

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Learning Stream

Specialized learning streams in cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity course offers three streams of instruction focused on Java, Python, and PHP. Each stream addresses specific security topics related to the respective programming language, providing in-depth understanding and practical skills in each area.

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Course Benefits

In-depth knowledge

Gain insights from leading cybersecurity experts.


Industry Leading Speakers

Interact with industry professionals and experts.

Головні Спікери
Practical Expierence

Practical experience

Put theory into practice through real case studies.

SSDE Certificate


Gain insights from leading cybersecurity experts.

Who is the course for?

A deep dive into cybersecurity for technology leaders

This course is ideal for IT professionals looking to deepen their cybersecurity knowledge, developers looking to improve the security of their products, and security managers looking for the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Learning Stream

Increase Customer Trust

Get a certification badge for your company, increase the credibility of your company and its developments

Course Program

Day 1

Advanced Security in Python

Introduction to advanced Python security, library usage, and secure web service development.

Day 2

Advanced Work with Java

Java security, vulnerability analysis, and secure multithreaded application development.

Day 3

Secure Programming in C

C language security, memory management, and secure module development.

Day 4

Developing Secure Mobile Applications

Mobile application security for Android and iOS, data protection, and secure interface development.

Day 5

Cloud Security

Cloud security fundamentals, data protection in the cloud, and secure cloud application development.

Day 6

Advanced Social Engineering and OSINT

Advanced social engineering techniques, defense strategies, and introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Day 7

Security and API Development

API security, endpoint protection, and secure programming patterns for API development.

Day 8

Developing Secure Systems and Architectures

Principles of secure architecture, vulnerability management, and secure system integration practices.

Day 9

Security in DevSecOps

Integration of security in DevOps processes, automation of security checks, and continuous integration security management.

Day 10

Innovations in Cybersecurity

Exploring new cybersecurity technologies and trends, AI and machine learning in cybersecurity, and innovative data protection solutions.

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