07 Жов, 2022

WHY DO YOU NEED REPORTING about cybersecurity activities?

Reporting is the most important part of cybersecurity work. A report is required for each cyber incident, breach, or IT action. The quality, efficiency, and completeness of reporting are crucial to cybersecurity work, as well as its reliability. Reporting is an effective way to keep records, monitor progress and get feedback on what’s working well and what needs improvement.

All our cybersecurity experts are used to the efficiency and transparency of our work. No vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are effective if you don’t know your problems and see visible results. You need smart contract audit reports, pentest reporting, network operations center documentation, and cyber safety information at all necessary. This also applies to any other activity such as computer cyber security on your system or its elements.

The CQR report from many specialists such as open source intelligence analysts, computer forensics consultants, managed network operations centers, soc as a service provider, and many others gives you in detail all the statistics, analytics, intelligence, and information about, for example, which are the most common social engineering attacks, past neutralized, explicit, and hidden potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, risks, and threats. To this analytics, you can’t help but add predictions, practical advice, and preventive measures that will help you prevent any more data breaches, hacks, or any other issue you come to us with. This makes it clear exactly, for example, what is vulnerability scan, all components of penetration testing pricing, and how it helps the cybersecurity of your organization’s data. 

What IT and cyber security reports help with?

You’ll answer important questions for yourself about your protection:

  1. How to minimize the cybersecurity threat to your system?

  2. What standards do you need to follow to protect your IoT or another system?

  3. Whether your organization complies with the General Data Protection Regulation?

  4. How your employees can harm you?

  5. How to neutralize security damage caused by a hacker or employee?

  6. Is there an incorrigible bug in your system?

  7. In how many days, a cybersecurity incident will happen to your system?

Generally, reports should be provided after any cyber service provided by any cybersecurity company. The goal of the report is to answer your questions, explain complex technical issues in a language you can understand (or provide a specialist who can explain them to you), take into account the statistics of the problem, and provide the necessary cyber security solution plan for your project. The report is a great way to communicate between the client and the professionals. They also add more clarity and transparency to your business relationship.

Thus, our CQR company has high standards of reporting for the whole variety of our services – from DevSecOps service up to Ethical hacking with social engineering.

Never forget that you, as a customer, have the right to both understand what you order, expert advice, examples of reports before ordering, and quality reporting after receiving the provided services.

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