02 Лис, 2022

Is web3 security real in 2023?

Blockchain security is the latest cybersecurity technology. Businesses using blockchain technology face attacks of all scales that aim to unauthorized entry of unauthorized data into the registry, complete or partial blockage of business systems, and more and hacker control over your resources. These are the most common variations of attacks on blockchain technology in organizations of all sizes. 

Besides, it’s not that hard to master. Your blockchain technology’s smart contracts register your transactions on the platform, cryptographically signing the terms of the deal. The Smart Contract is your ability to track all transaction information. 

Кібербезпека в децентралізованих фінансах — чи існує вона взагалі?

So why do business owners put themselves in such danger? It’s hard to resist the benefits of blockchain technology in 2023 if you want to scale and grow your business. 

Це суперечливе питання як мінімум тому, що ринок DeFi не має параметрів захисту даних. Анонімність — це добре, але не тоді, коли хакери мають, наприклад, доступ до Darknet, де ваші дані стануть анонімними та швидко продадуться.

DeFi cyber security

The wide market for DeFi, specifically stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, USDC, BUSD gives a lot of advantages to a private investor, a founder of a cryptocurrency exchange, or a company:

No human factor of smart contracts gives you fast and convenient service.

Decentralization, as the main advantage, allows you to avoid transaction participants, time, and bureaucracy.

DeFi financial tools (applications and services on the blockchain) replace the banking sector with transaction protocols with source code. 

Does the DeFi protect your data? 

DeFi does not give you anonymity and full protection. Of course, such projects do not involve a lot of intermediaries, as in standard bank transactions, but blockchain records all transactions in registries, and this information can be stolen by hackers.

You can check the source code of the DeFi project yourself. 

To be sure that the source code of the project, in which you invest, is protected, you need an audit of smart contracts. 

Future of blockchain security technology for your business

About a quarter of organizations plan to actively implement or experiment with blockchain-based technologies, according to recent Gartner surveys.

Scams like Pump and dump, Fake airdrop, or Phishing are for businesses of all sizes. This is why cybersecurity measures such as Security for Blockchain are necessary. To conduct blockchain cybersecurity projects, you as a business owner will help defense security services, a defense consultant, and a team of specialists.

CQR’s team of experts provides a comprehensive Blockchain Security plan to protect your digital assets, blockchain security solutions include:

blockchain security research

blockchain for iot security

blockchain network security

blockchain for cloud security

find out smart contract audit costs

auditing smart contracts

and much more 



Critical points of coins security 

What other reasons to worry about protecting your project’s smart contracts? One of the main ones is vulnerabilities in smart contracts. 

A well-rounded business development plan prevents potential vulnerabilities. For example, they already exist in smart contracts per se. Now it is common to divide them into 3 groups: the Solidity level, the EVM level, and the blockchain level. 

A brief explanation of vulnerabilities:

Solidity level vulnerabilities – bugs in the smart contracts programming language. Quite a wide list of vulnerabilities in Solidity code.

EVM level vulnerabilities – bugs in the virtual environment (Ethereum Virtual Machine), which is responsible for algorithms in smart contracts. 

Blockchain-level vulnerabilities – all kinds of attacks on the system

Manual and automated auditing of Smart Contracts code is carried out using different methods for expert evaluation. 

Unfortunately, the smallest mistakes in smart contracts code lead to exchange hacking and withdrawal of large digital assets. An interesting example is a small vulnerability in the DAO project on Ethereum. It led to the theft of about $60 million in ETH and, as a consequence, the hard-forking of the entire network.

Different top cybersecurity companies around the world have different views on dealing with vulnerabilities in smart contracts. So choose the best one. 

CQR experts examine the code base to secure smart contracts for your business. After that, all the testing tools. You get a report with the vulnerabilities found and precautions against potential attacks. This is how you will achieve cloud security using blockchain as a service for your business.

What happens if you don’t do smart contract auditing?

Failure to detect a blockchain vulnerability in time is as much of a sudden reputational and financial disaster for businesses as the enormous popularity of DeFi resources. It is impossible not to constantly monitor smart contracts and react to weaknesses in time without encountering hackers. 

Nomad Bridge was an unfortunate example of a smart contract hack in 2022. The bridge was hacked for $190 million because of a small inaccuracy in the code. The Nomad smart contract failed to verify transaction entry properly.

Juno blockchain failure due to smart contract vulnerability. How did it work? The failure of the blockchain was caused by insecurity. The hacker picked up the combination of the transaction, which helped crack the smart contract. Then, the hacker ran over 400 transactions in three days. 

Smart Contracts auditing is a really effective method of identifying weaknesses that may already be of interest to intruders. After all, not all attacks start with active phases, some hackers need time to consolidate vulnerabilities or find a few more in your system. Your priority is to find all the hidden security flaws in your digital assets before the hackers do. 

Would you like to be among the smart contract owners successfully audited? So, you require cybersecurity consultation with the best smart contract auditors for business!

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