To investor and owner: how to protect a crypto project

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Investing in crypto projects is a very profitable business. However, it is necessary to choose reliable crypto projects for such purposes. Competent investment in a promising cryptocurrency will bring you a lot of income. This is a great option for long-term investments in cryptocurrency.

Any competent representative of the market knows that it is extremely necessary to be cautious and calculate many steps ahead to invest in a reliable crypto project. After all, the market is rife with fake currencies, fly-by-night projects, and, importantly, crypto-project owners who don’t care about cybersecurity. How easy it is to be caught by an untrustworthy project!

General cybersecurity tips for crypto investors or project owners

Always look at how secure a crypto exchange is when you’re trying to pick one reliable one out of thousands of popular ones. Exchange cybersecurity information is required to be listed in the public domain. A huge red flag is hiding this information.

The CQR team hopes that no one in 2022 will think of storing user funds on Internet-related hot wallets anymore.

Cybersecurity in practice

In theory, it’s easy to speculate about how quickly you can find an exchange, invest in it, and always be sure that your crypto capital is under your control.

How not get lost among crypto projects?

How to get a guarantee that your exchange won’t get hacked tomorrow?

How can you be sure that there are no vulnerabilities in the project you choose to invest in?

CQR is in the business of cybersecurity to answer any such question for you.

To ensure that you, as a crypto owner, don’t get into situations where personal or your users’ data is hacked, CryEye audits smart contracts to protect all the fundamental mechanisms of your crypto project fully and thoroughly.

So that you, as a crypto investor looking for a reliable and stable crypto project, can be sure that your capital is controlled by you and not by a random hacker, CryEye audits the smart contracts of this project to identify explicit, hidden, and potential vulnerabilities.

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