#AWS security 07 Oct, 2022

Testing Amazon Web Services

What hosting service hosts your application and works with web servers that are secure, convenient, and with access to detailed documentation? Many of you will choose AWS for this purpose. By the way, it is security, convenience, and detailed reporting that exactly define the essence of CQR.

That’s why you can’t forget about the cybersecurity of your web server or system foundation. CQR does functional load testing and scalability testing to keep data safe on AWS.

For system load testing, the front end (analyzing any user interaction with the interface) and the back end (auditing hundreds of connections to the system endpoint and containers in the infrastructure) are monitored. Testing of the entire infrastructure is performed both with and without the platform’s access keys, and control panel, and completely without them.

We are approached with cases of server access hacks on AWS, so we help with problem-solving and preventive cyber defense methods.

Some of the most common reasons for hacks are initial potential CVEs in applications, insecure configuration, cryptography errors, and leaks of user and cloud solution administrators’ data. We address misconfigured system and service access, outdated software, insecure third-party applications, the potential elevation of privileges in applications, S3 enumeration buckets, finding them in domains, etc.

Amazon Web Services testing gives you manual and automated analysis and finds any system vulnerability. In addition, CQR experts do not leave you without Security Best Practices and Tips. A consultation with our team is the first step to cybersecurity and real recommendations on how to improve it for your network!

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