Smart Contract Audit as your necessary crypto tool

What do you get with Smart Contract Audit?

  1. testing a smart contract for vulnerabilities (learn more about testing at the consultation [email protected])
  2. a report with a detailed description of the work done and recommendations to avoid potential attacks

CryEye protects the most popular blockchain networks

  • Solana
  • Near 
  • Xdc
  • Polygon
  • Heco 
  • Ethereum
  • and others

Do you need to audit smart contacts for your project?

Blockchain is accessible and transparent. And at the same time, there are no clear parameters in the crypto market that would provide you with cybersecurity. 

That’s why CryEye gives you a Smart Contract Audit.

Smart Contract Audit for crypto investors and owners is essential for secure transactions.

You can read more about it in the article:

You can find regular reviews of exchange hacks and other crypto market news on CryEye social media: 

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