red team

Offensive Services

The CQR team conducts a full cycle of attack services, using the most current attack methodologies and tools.

Social Engineering

Get a personalized social engineering plan to protect your business from spear phishing, phishing,

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your business infrastructure before hackers do with our penetration testing consulting

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment testing in cyber security for business: Find out where the potential threat

Performance Testingv

All kinds of load and performance testing of your system from the CQR online

iOT Security Audit

In the case of cybersecurity as a service, CQR specialists give you Audits and

Cloud Amazon security testing

CQR security auditors continuously monitor your entire AWS server space for risks and threats.

Active directory audit

Be cyber secure with CQR team with Active Directory technology protects the system, which

Smart Contract Audit

CQR will give your business proven blockchain and cyber security technology to protect smart


Does your business need an investigative operation? This is how CQR as it

Azure Security Audit

Protect cyber information logs and Azure technologies with Azure Security Audit via CQR to

Red Teaming

CQR Company has many ways to test your system and does infrastructure pen testing

Network Security Assessment

CQR offers network security solutions to address key concerns: Identifying critical security vulnerabilities, implementing

Wireless penetration testing

Android Mobile penetration testing

The process of conducting penetration testing on Android mobile devices involves assessing their security

Hardware Cybersecurity Audit

Performing a thorough cybersecurity audit of hardware devices involves conducting comprehensive assessments and evaluations

Aerospace Penetration Testing

Thorough aerospace penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems, networks, and technologies, ensuring

API Penetration Testing

API penetration testing involves assessing and evaluating vulnerabilities and security risks within software system

Automotive Penetration Testing

Automotive penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security risks in automotive systems. This rigorous

IOS Mobile penetration testing

Google Cloud (GCP) Service 

Infrastructure Protection by CRYEYE

Security audits via CryEye provide enterprise information security, protecting the entire infrastructure.


A detailed search for hacking artifacts: analysis of cyber threats and security recommendations.

NOC Service

NOC saves business costs by continuously monitoring servers, applications, databases, and other entire system

SOC Service

Monitor, search, and analyze real-time system breaches, mitigate cyber threats, and implement proactive threat

Security Code Review (WHITEBOX)

Using the White Box approach, CQR pentesters conduct comprehensive cybersecurity penetration testing on your

Risk Assessment

Counteracting cyberattacks and restoring cyber security systems of the organization’s data with CQR.

Incident Response

Incident Response technology enhances the currency and efficacy of your security system. Additionally, CQR

Fuzz Testing

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

Managing cyber supply chain risks involves implementing strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities

Container Security Assessment

CyberSecurity Investigation Service

Blue team

Defensive Services

We protect your infrastructure in every way possible by providing the best security services on the market

Purple Team

Other Services

Compliance services, trainings and more in cybersecurity

Reverse Engineering

Finding vulnerabilities and weaknesses in reverse order to maintain cyber security protection for your


Get online security services for technical solutions across the entire company infrastructure.

Due Diligence Service

Cybersecurity Research Service

Cyber Security Gap Assessment

CSAS Certification

CQR web security firm will prepare your staff and the entire organization’s security system

SSDE Courses

SSDB Courses

Other Services

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