What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Security assessment is a set of actions to identify configuration problems, vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors on system, server and network infrastructure in order to analyze security against current external and internal threats.

The security assessment captures the current state of the system, identifies weaknesses, and identifies potential risks.

The primary task of evaluation is to detect all sorts of problems before they are discovered and exploited by an attacker.


We suggest conducting security assessment audits twice a year to reduce the risk of an organization being compromised.

At the same time, we recommend using our SOC and NOC services to provide round-the-clock network monitoring and identify potential threats.

An organization’s security assessment is important in obtaining compliance certifications (ISO-27001, PCI-DSS, NST, NIA, SOC and many others), which we can also help you with.


What is included in a
Vulnerability Assessment?

Deep analysis of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities

Security audit of network configuration and control settings.

Detailed analysis of technical problems in web applications, as well as in internal and external services.

Analysis of the probability of MitM attacks (“man in the middle”).

Finding vulnerabilities in manual and automatic mode, as well as their verification.

Work to identify fresh and relevant exploits.

Brute force methods and password checking by default.

Data transmission encryption audit.

Detection of web vulnerabilities of types: RCE, XXE, SQLi, XSS, SSRF, CSRF, Race condition, SSTI, Dependency confusion and many others.

Creation of a detailed report covering all problems found, with recommendations for their elimination.

Vulnerability assessment VS Pentest:
what to choose?

Determine what you need

The main difference between “Vulnerability Assessment” and “Pentest” is that a chain of exploitation can go on during a pentest, while the behavior of the pentester is more aggressive and aimed at compromising the system / obtaining data, which imitates the behavior of real attackers as much as possible.

The hacker will not pass!

You do not need to order a pentest to detect potential weaknesses and receive recommendations on how to fix current problems.
Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of information security and use the most up-to-date software on the market with a huge number of proprietary automations, which will help you fully protect your organization from potential threats.

Strengthen weak points

We bring to your attention a full cycle of checking your infrastructure for vulnerabilities. The wide range of services provided, as well as our advanced methodologies and developments, will allow you to get a complete picture of how secure your system is today.


You will have a more comprehensive view of your network infrastructure.

You will be able to delve deeply into issues related to the security of your organization, as well as learn about the existing risks.

You will also be provided with a full report on the work carried out, including a detailed description of the problems found, along with recommendations and possible solutions.



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