Gain basic knowledge of secure product development

Learn how to protect information systems from cyber threats using the programming language that best suits your interests and career goals

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Specialized learning streams in cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity course offers three streams of instruction focused on Java, Python, and PHP. Each stream addresses specific security topics related to the respective programming language, providing in-depth understanding and practical skills in each area.

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Exam Certification

Certification validates your expertise in cybersecurity



lesson days


practice hours

Learning Stream

Choose your path in Java, Python or PHP

Depending on your chosen focus, you’ll dive into security fundamentals related to Java, Python, or PHP as you go through a series of practical cases and real-world scenarios to learn how to effectively secure applications and systems.

java python php
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Bogdan Red

15+ years in IT management process


Alexey Aurora

15+ Experience in IT security


Alirex Prime

10+ years of experience in development and security automation

Let your staff be certified

Upon passing the exam, each person in your company who passes the exam will be SSDB Certified and will receive a personal certificate of completion

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SSDB Certified
Learning Stream

Increase Customer Trust

Get a certification badge for your company, increase the credibility of your company and its developments

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