Security Operations Center
(SOC) service

Security operations center team from CQR: monitor, search and analyze real-time breaking systems, avoid cyber threats, proactive threat prevention.

What is SOC security?

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is an integrated system that monitors an organization’s entire IT infrastructure in real time, 24/7, for cyber network security with all the information that is continuously processed by computer systems.

Our SOC team, by monitoring and analyzing cyber threats, instantly detects cybersecurity incidents for the fastest and most effective resolution, preventing possible risks and hacks. So, SOC as a service generally improves the security of the entire infrastructure.

WHAT does the SOC include?

What is the Security Operations Center for?

security operations center

Unified scheme for working with data

Accumulate information about incidents and store data in a single space – do not neglect important information. Hacker methods are constantly improving, so you should know everything about the behavior of attackers and latest cyber threats

Security Operations Center

Control of all IT systems of the company

Security Operations Center will become an effective means of monitoring your external IT systems and technical support. We’ll keep an eye on every program, cloud storage, software, or even account. The SOC team maintains detailed lists of all your data to prevent leaks and exploits.

Security Operations Center Protection

Continuous protection 24/7

If your organization is of interest to attackers, it is logical to expect that they will try to carry out their attack just when you are not ready for it.
The essence of Security Operations Center is to work around the clock. The SOC team works in shifts according to security plan to ensure you are always protected. We will notice and instantly neutralize any suspicious activity, regardless of the time of day or night.

Security Operations Center

Coordinated work of SOC team

Our security operations center team effectively use the “Method of Collective Mind”. Cooperation allows timely detection of suspicious activity, correctly interpret it and prevent intrusion into the network


SOC (Security operation center)

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