What is smart
contract audit?

The audit of smart contracts that can be used in different industries and purposes is primarily an assessment of the security and effectiveness of fulfilling the conditions defined in the smart contract by the parties participating in the contract.
The security of smart contracts is critical in the blockchain space.

Static analysis

Static code analysis is a debugging technique performed by examining an application’s source code before running the program. This is usually done by checking the code against a predefined set of rules or standards to prevent vulnerabilities from occurring.

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic code analysis is a method of exploring by examining an application as it processes data in its “natural” environment. The purpose of the review is to evaluate your smart contract’s business logic and negotiated security properties. The source code is run with various inputs and its output is compared to the expected result.

Code tool

Based Smart Contract Bug, Exploit Finder And Simple Patcher Modified From Grep Rough Audit – Source Code Auditing Tool


Solidity static analysis framework written in Python 3. It runs a suite of vulnerability detectors, prints visual information about contract details, and provides an API to easily write custom analyses.

Slither enables developers to find vulnerabilities, enhance their code comprehension, and quickly prototype custom detectors.

Ethereum smart
contract fuzzer

More seriously, Echidna is a Haskell program designed for fuzzing/property-based testing of Ethereum smarts contracts.

It uses sophisticated grammar-based fuzzing campaigns based on a contract ABI to falsify user-defined predicates or Solidity assertions.

We designed Echidna with modularity in mind, so it can be easily extended to include new mutations or test specific contracts in specific cases.

What does DevSecOps provide?

In-Depth Review of Smart Contract Code

Manual line-by-line verification of the code to make sure that the logic of each function is reliable and protected from all common attack vectors, including economic ones. This is the most important and lengthy part of the testing process.

Automated testing

Modeling various interactions with your smart contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated testing tools and manual testing to determine if there are any security vulnerabilities.

Publication of the audit report

Converging results and conclusions into an easy-to-read report tailored to the specific project. A Solidity audit identifies potential problems and any risks that exist for the project or its users, and recommendations are made as a result of the audit regarding the actions that need to be taken to correct them.

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Smart contract audit

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