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CQR will give your business proven blockchain and cyber security technology to protect smart contracts. Solve your organization’s nft security issues with a smart contracts audit.

What is smart
contract audit?

A smart contract is a program that is similar to the conventional agreement, which contains business logic, is integrated into the blockchain and performs certain actions following fulfillment of the certain agreement conditions by the parties. Smart contracts are used in many industries for various purposes. Since blockchain transactions are final and the mistakenly transferred or stolen money are non-refundable, it is important to check Blockchain security and ensure that a smart contract does not contain any errors and vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Security Audit
Smart Contract Static Code Security Analysis

Static analysis

Static code analysis is a debugging method that is performed by examining the source code of an application before running it. Also it is a popular technique in Blockchain security. To prevent vulnerabilities, this usually involves checking the code against a pre-defined set of rules or standards.

Smart Contract Security Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic code analysis is a method of validating an application as it performs its data processing in its “natural” environment. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the business logic of your smart contract and the agreed Blockchain security properties. The source code is run with different input data, and its output is compared to the expected result.

Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection


The audit scope should be clearly defined and all documents must be accessible. This includes the business requirement document, project’s whitepaper/ yellow paper, technical specification document, smart contract code via GitHub commits, and others.

Unit Testing

Unit tests help identify issues in the production of your code. At this stage, we use auditing tools and testnet, ensuring unit testing covers the maximum risk involved.

Ethereum Smart Contract Security Audit with Echidna

Our Smart Contract audit includes the following phases:

Security Review of Smart Contract Code

In-Depth Review of Smart Contract Code

Manual line-by-line verification of the code to make sure that the logic of each function is reliable and protected from all common attack vectors, including economic ones. This is the most important and lengthy part of the testing process.

Automated Smart Contract Audit

Automated testing

Modeling various interactions with your smart contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated testing tools and manual testing to determine if there are any Blockchain security vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Smart Contract Audit report

Converging results and conclusions into an easy-to-read report tailored to the specific project. A Solidity audit identifies potential problems and any risks that exist for the project or its users, and recommendations are made as a result of the audit regarding the actions that need to be taken to correct them.


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