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CQR your cybersecurity and blockchain ally. Our specialty? Smart contract auditing. Ensure the security of your blockchain applications with our comprehensive solutions. Trust CQR for peace of mind in the digital age.

What is smart
contract audit?

This is the process of auditing the code of a program on the blockchain that contains business logic and performs certain actions when conditions are met. We audit smart contracts to detect bugs and vulnerabilities, making sure they are fit for purpose to ensure safety and security in use.

Smart Contract Security Audit
Smart Contract Static Code Security Analysis

What is static code analysis?

Static code analysis is a method of inspecting source code without running it, identifying potential problems such as programming errors and security vulnerabilities. This process helps to ensure software quality and security at the early stages of development.

Smart Contract Security Dynamic Analysis

What is dynamic code analysis?

Dynamic code analysis is a method of testing an application during its execution with different input data. The goal is to evaluate the application performance and make sure that its behavior meets the stated requirements. The source code is executed with different input data and the result is compared with the expected behavior.

Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection

Requirement Gathering

Requirements gathering is the process of defining and documenting all the necessary components and characteristics for a successful audit. This includes gathering documents such as business requirements, the project whitepaper or yellow paper, the terms of reference, and access to the smart contract code via GitHub commits and other sources. It is important that the entire scope of the audit is clearly defined and available for auditors to scrutinize.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is the process of testing individual code modules against expected behavior. It helps to identify problems in the development process using audit and testnet tools to maximize risk coverage.

Ethereum Smart Contract Security Audit with Echidna

Our Smart Contract audit includes the following phases:

Security Review of Smart Contract Code

In-Depth Review of Smart Contract Code

In-depth code review of a smart contract is a manual, line-by-line inspection of the code to ensure that its logic is robust and that it is protected from various types of attacks, including economic attacks. This stage is the most important and time-consuming part of the testing process.

Automated Smart Contract Audit

Automated testing

Auto-testing is the process of simulating various interactions with your smart contract on a test blockchain. It involves using a combination of automated and manual testing tools to identify potential security vulnerabilities in your smart contract.

Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Smart Contract Audit report

The smart contract audit report contains information on the issues, risks and recommendations for remediation identified, presented in an easy-to-understand format that is appropriate for the specific project


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