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With White Box, CQR pentesters perform a detailed cyber security penetration testing of your system, having full information about the infrastructure.
Security Code Review

What is WHITEBOX testing?

A white box pentest, also known as a transparent or internal pentest, is a type of cybersecurity assessment in which the tester has complete knowledge and access to the system being tested. This can include access to source code, configuration files, internal network infrastructure, design documents, and other implementation details.

During white box testing, we focus on the internal structure of the system and try to identify defects and vulnerabilities by examining the code and design of the system. We use various techniques, such as code review, testing the logic of individual functions and modules, and testing the system’s internal data structures.

What does whitebox
testing provide?

Whitebox testing

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Conducting White Box testing has undeniable advantages over Black Box, since it is much faster and easier to eliminate security problems and minimize the risk of their existence.

Whitebox testing

Time to test

White box security testing is usually performed at the final stages of development, before the release of the product to the market, or immediately before the use of the target software, systems and infrastructure of the company.

White Box Penetration Testing

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The testing method and scope is determined by the customer depending on the security requirements for the test object. The more stringent the requirements are, the more relevant White Box testing becomes.

White box Pentest

White box testing is also successfully carried out at the operational stage in order to check and protect systems from possible threats. It is also worth remembering that this method of security auditing provides the opportunity to conduct the most thorough analysis of the target, but at the same time, it requires a lot of effort on the part of cybersecurity specialists and more resources to fully cover the scope and conduct all possible scenarios.

Security Code Review

Our specialists will take into account all your wishes and provide you with recommendations regarding the optimal scope for white box work, depending on the needs of your business.

CryEye Security Code Review


When conducting a security audit using the WhiteBox testing method to identify all kinds of vulnerabilities in the program code, our specialists conduct a detailed manual analysis, and also use advanced methodologies and modern solutions, in particular, our Cryeye platform, which contains many automations and tools for scanning source code written in any from modern programming languages.
Our Cryeye platform contains a security-focused static code analyzer that will detect all hard-coded passwords and tokens, check for their leaks in repositories, and also tell you which constructs and dependencies in the code are insecure.


Whitebox testing

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