Risk Assessment

Counteracting cyberattacks and restoring cyber security systems of the organization’s data with CQR. We will perform SOC, PCI, & HIPAA risk analysis and help you get certified.

What are risks in IT systems

The concept of risks in the field of information security implies the possibility of various cyber threats.
It can be the different forms of viruses, hacker attacks, various methods of information theft, and actions to damage special equipment.

Procedures and computer security service, which are used in the risk assessment and management of cyber security threats, will help to make right decisions in the future in ensuring security, minimizing threats and losses, and focusing on the goals of the company.

Also in nowadays you need a SOC, PCI, & HIPAA risk analysis, these certifications will help you understand all the risks of your project and take the necessary precautions.

Security Risk Management


Security Risk Management

Infrastructure mismatch with selected technology portfolio

Security Risk Management

Errors in the project made at the development stage

Security Risk Management

Errors when installing any operating IT system

Security Risk Management

Choosing the wrong information security solution to automate enterprise processes

Security Risk Management

Risk of covert exploitation of information and computing resources (botnet)

Security Risk Management

Risks in application business logic

What does
security risk assessment provide?

Why do you need risk assessments?

Security risk assessments are an important tool for identifying potential risks and hazards in a particular situation or environment. In the field of information security, risk assessments can be used to identify potential vulnerabilities or threats to an organization’s IT systems and infrastructure. This can include risks related to data security, network security, software vulnerabilities, and other potential sources of harm or disruption to IT systems.

Conducting security risk assessments allow to proactively identify and address potential risks before they result in significant harm or disruption. This can help to ensure the security and reliability of an IT systems, and can also help to protect against financial losses, legal liabilities, and reputational damage.

Security Risk Management


Risk assessment

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