What is reverse

Reverse Engineering technology helps to find a vulnerability in a software, virtual system or special equipment by means of detailed reconstruction. For example, software reverse engineering shows CQR specialists the causes of software weaknesses and potential exploits. Reverse engineering of a program helps to improve it and understand the behavior of the code in case of possible attacks.


During reverse engineering, the CQR team uses special software. Among other tools we have debuggers, decompilers, unpackers, disassemblers. Learn how we turn your system into source code for deep analysis and complete protection.

Code review

Reverse engineering from CQR is an ideal method for analyzing the code of the entire hardware and virtual system. Our development team studies the problem and then creates an algorithm based on the decoy code.

Who Needs Reverse Engineering?

The CQR team performs reverse engineering for companies in the field
electronic engineering, software development, mechanical engineering,
computer and chemical engineering, systems biology, UI / UX design and others. For example, reverse engineering of android applications is a private request of game dev companies with which they come to us.

What does reverse
engineering include?


If the specified program is a driver, as a result of code analysis, a specification is produced and its own driver is created.

Copy and

Software reverse engineering is often done to further copy, modify or write key generators.

of information

The software can be used to get information about the internal structure of the program, the network communication protocol with the server, etc.


Reverse engineering

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