Load Testing

What is performance testing?

Performance Testing shows you how stable the system under test is. You’ll also see performance metrics for the application’s response to heavy external load. To complete the picture of CQR, experts select a load of a different nature and intensity.

Look at your technology through the eyes of the enemy to strengthen your defenses. Performance Testing finds vulnerabilities, captures the security state of the system, and identifies any weaknesses.

We deeply check your system and network resources, harden all weak points so that a cybercriminal does not take advantage of your vulnerability.

Purpose of testing

Load testing

Identify all security flaws and system vulnerabilities

Load Testing

Accurately determine the speed of downloading and processing data

Load Testing

Determine your System Reliability

We are testing
system parameters:

Load Testing

Determine the allowed number of application users

Load Testing

Measuring the execution time of your system operation

Load Testing

We calculate the permissible performance limits

How we do performance


Testing the site before launch


Compare established criteria


We advise you to improve your performance

What is load testing?

Load testing is a type of performance testing that is focused on evaluating how a system, application, or service performs under a specific load. Load testing involves simulating a specific number of users or transactions and measuring the response times, throughput, and other performance metrics of the system under test.

During load testing, also known as a DDoS simulation attack, the tester creates conditions and test cases using which he finds potential weaknesses, which, with the correct allocation of resources, are attacked, disabling the tested applications.


You get an individual calculation of the maximum suitable load for your system

What will you get in the final test report


Network speed limits


Software speed indicators


All information about the speed of the equipment

Sample Results

Creation of system load schedules with reference to load speed and time.

Load Testing Graphic

Error 503 and its alternatives – the result of testing when the system could not cope with the load.

Load Testing error 503

Example of a load testing report

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    Security Audit Reports

    Tasks that load
    testing solves

    Spfware Load Testing

    Checking the operation of the software

    Load Testing allows you to evaluate software performance in different conditions (normal, maximum / minimum allowable load, force majeure)

    Load Testing


    With Load Testing, you can see how continuous use of software affects its performance

    Load Testing Objects

    Objects of influence

    Our experts will determine the dependence of the performance of your software on the number of simultaneous use, simultaneous registration and a large number of users

    Load Testing

    Why simulation of DDoS
    attacks is indispensable?

    After checking the performance and load, evaluate how ready the system is for possible DDoS attacks. We offer to order a pentest, and then simulate DDoS!


    The CQR team selects the testing speed according to your needs. The test meets the basic requirements at speeds up to 1 GB / s. Special needs are covered by tests on your system at a rate of 10-20 GB/s.

    Load Testing
    Load Testing

    ANTI-DDOS solutions

    We help you understand which solutions are right for your organization and infrastructure.

    The final test report will also include recommendations for integrating WAF, Firewall, and the most optimal ANTI-DDOS solutions available on the market, including cloud ones.


    Perfomance Testing

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