What is

OSINT/RECON is an investigative defense practice, open source intelligence for the information protection of a company, individual or government agency. Intelligence collection and osint analyst is carried out in accordance with your requirements and cybersecurity regulations.

We find the facts that are the answers to any of your questions.

Why do you need OSINT?

Initially and still OSINT is used by government agencies to protect their information and get an idea about the activities of their competitors or enemies. And in our time it is a tool of mass use, for example, for enterprises that need to protect their data from internal leaks and external hacker attacks.

OSINT is in demand among cybersecurity professionals and organizations. The knowledge gained through this search technology is needed to investigate threats, system vulnerabilities and to protect against social engineering methods. OSINT is needed to study malware, places of potential penetration, threats.

Cybercriminals also use OSINT technologies to find weaknesses in your system. This knowledge will help to limit public and not only information of your organization and successfully resist hackers.

expert deep search

What is the difference between user search for information on the network and OSINT? Depth, detail and precision. For many people, the search for information on the Internet ends where it only begins for CQR specialists.

OSINT research is a tool to successfully complete at least 90% of the tasks of detective agencies. We quickly collect bit by bit rare information from advertising sites, marketplaces, forums, blogs, government projects, online banking systems, social networks and many other sources.

In addition, we have the ability to search for
vulnerabilities in targeted web applications





You get detailed data analytics on the development of new markets

Accurate assessment of all risks in your system

Monitor competitor activity

A complete study of the current target audience and a clear forecast for its future expansion

It’s important to know

Each of our penetration tests, preparation for Social Engineering and a number of other technologies are always accompanied by a deep OSINT / RECON. This helps to identify all potential attack vectors before the start of technical work.


CQR will not, under any circumstances, search and analyze information if it will harm any organization, individual or government agency. Also, when collecting information, only legal methods are used provided by Open Source Intelligence analyst



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