NOC saves business costs by continuously monitoring servers, applications, databases, and other entire system parts.
Network Operations Center

Network operations center
“NOC: uptime monitoring”

It is a comprehensive cyber and network security solution for monitoring the network 24/7 without increasing staff and the associated risks.

CQR as a network security solutions company provides NOC in order to maintain optimum performance, network availability and ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical services for the company.

Who is NOC needed?

Network Operations Center

Simple network

Out solution can cover small and simple networks. Team has ability to set alerts and monitoring infrastructure 24/7.

Network Operations Center

Complex network

Big amount of assets need to be monitored and fully covered. Our solutions will fully help to automate process of assets discovery and further monitoring of them.


Using the Heartbeat tool in CryEye, we regularly check the status of your assets.
Regular NOC checking will allow you to control the company’s network automatically and focus on more important tasks.

Network Operations Center
Network Operations Center

Technologies covered

Our solutions help to monitor a big variety of different vendors and protocols.

We cover: https, https, rdp, ssh, ftp, smb, smtp, snmp, pop3 and other types of servers.

Hardware we cover includes Cisco devices, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Huawei, Mikrotik, etc.

Noc services in Cryeye

Get full Network Operations Center automation functionality and more with our CRYEYE cybersecurity solution

About Cryeye
CryEye Network Operations Center Service


NOC (Network operation center)

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