Iot Security Audit

In the case of cybersecurity as a service, CQR specialists give you Audits and mechanisms for continuous monitoring of IoT security of your business infrastructure.

Internet of Things
includes three categories

internet of things security

Gadgets we

iot security


Internet of things security

Healthcare Applications

If at least one of the gadgets does not work correctly, the cybersecurity of the Internet of Things is at risk. Imagine: a hacker penetrates one element of the IoT, and access is opened to the entire system. Our IoT security assessment is aimed to prevent intruders and keep your system safe from hacking.

Gadgets security

How do we do
IoT security testing


CQR specialists collect information about all devices of your IoT system


We determine the level and nature of data protection and encryption in a smart system


We analyze the entire electronic part of the Internet of Things and the software of the system


We check the network and the process of data transfer through it. To analyze the level of security, the autonomous data storage is monitored in the event of a lack of communication.


For our IoT Security Assessment we take a deep dive into every element of the IoT to uncover potential data breach backdoors, cryptography issues, system configuration errors, likely exploits, and other vulnerabilities.

What you get from Mobile IoT Security Testing

Most devices in the Internet of Things are controlled from the phone. Therefore, our experts monitor and prevent insecure data storage and potential attacks. Mobile security testing is a process that helps identify vulnerabilities and risks in mobile applications and systems.

The most common vulnerable
mobile app locations

Smartphone Security

Insecure data transfer


Potentially dangerous data storage


Avoiding or deliberately ignoring architectural constraints


Weak encryption


Problems with authorization


Change data

Gadgets Data Protection
IoT secure mechanisms

Hidden functionality


Lack of secure update mechanisms


Insecure Ecosystem Interfaces

We check iot technologies

Bluetooth security Bluetooth
Z-waves security Z-waves
Wi-Fi Security Wi-Fi
RFID Security RFID
EPC Security EPC
NFC Security NFC


iOT Security Testing

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