What is infrastructure
and how to protect it

Your infrastructure is the entire internal system with external gadgets, special equipment, cloud storage and more.
Virtualization testing and cloud testing of the target infrastructure covers all risks of hacking and data leakage.


Access Optimization


What is Infrastructure
Testing for?

Do you consider your business to be burglar-proof? The attacker harms the system, despite your hiding public information and the internal corporate network, which is usually considered a protection method. Continuous infrastructure testing is a guarantee of predicting the state of your cybersecurity.

What is Cryeye?

Cryeye is a cloud-based continuous deep audit and security monitoring tool with various integrated tools that provide a full service cycle in one IT platform developed by CQR Company


CryEye combines the optimization, automation and manual control of all cybersecurity activities. Thus, you will receive a detailed report on all vulnerabilities found and full monitoring of your system as soon as possible.

With CryEye, you are constantly in control of your system’s security level. CryEye is easy to use with customizable testing tools whose activity and results you can track. You can see the results of finding system vulnerabilities, filter audits by your interests, and much more.


Vulnerability management

News monitoring


Penetration testing

Breach detection

Exploit monitoring

Source code analysis


    Other services

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Monitor, search and analyze real-time breaking systems/Avoid cyber threats/Proactive threat prevention

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    Social Engineering

    Spear phishing/ Phishing/ Malicious attachments

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    Performance Testing

    Load testing/ Stressful testing/ Stability testing/ Configuration testing

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    Penetration Testing

    onitor, search and analyze real-time breaking systems/Avoid cyber threats/Proactive threat prevention

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    iOT Security Audit

    Wearables/ Infrastructure/ Healthcare apps

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    Infrastructure Protection by CRYEYE

    Increase the security level in your IT infrastructure with the help of dynamic compliance service

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