Incident response

The Incident Response technology makes your security system up-to-date and effective. Also, CQR has Managed Detection and Response to protect you from system data leaks.
Cyber Incident Response Plan

What is Incident Response?

Incident Response is a set of CQR activities for detecting, investigating, threat Intelligence of cyber attacks results and system data leaks within an organization.

24/7 Incident Response is also a data recovery strategy, an in-depth analysis of the situation that has occurred, and the preparation of a detailed incident response plan to eliminate the consequences.

incident response plan

Incident Response Employee Training

Employee training

Mastering social engineering methods and ways to protect employees from it will eliminate many weaknesses within the system.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Response scheme for each cyber incident

Regular updating of the 24/7 Incident Response Plan helps to reduce the time for cybersecurity. Managed detection and response will monitor the security of your system every minute.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Threat Modeling

Provide immediate response to cyber incident upon discovery to mitigate damage. Be aware of any possible weaknesses in your system through threat intelligence.


Each cyber incident is considered in order of priority. Your cyber defense system will always be up-to-date and adapted to new risks and threats in the system.

Required Actions for Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Reactive actions

Immediate response to cyber incident and mitigation of damage from the consequences

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Proactive Action

Continuous monitoring of the system to find and reduce the likelihood of future information security incidents. Detailed threat intelligence that has been found.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Security improvement

Informing about the security status of the system through the analysis of past and potential cyber incidents. Deep investigations and interaction between all team members.

Four phases of NIST
incident response cycle

Phases of NIST incident response cycle

What includes 24/7 incident response?

01 / 06

Fast and effective response and recovery from cyber incident, managed detection and instant response

02 / 06

Protection against cyberattacks, data leaks, and other cyber threats that can contribute to financial and reputational losses for your company

03 / 06

A well-defined incident response plan with secure cyber solutions via CQR can minimize the impact of security incidents, so, you can continue working even in the face of a large-scale attack.

04 / 06

Incident response proactively protects your company from the potentially devastating effects of cyberattacks

05 / 06

Managing the consequences of a security breach or cyberattack, gathering evidence, and taking action to prevent further attacks

06 / 06

Minimizing the impact of a security incident and preventing its recurrence in the future

Malicious activity
we fight

Hidden command and control malicious centers of communication with attacker

Recovering deleted and cracking encrypted data of your system

Hiding traces of an attack

Communication with attackers, ransom discussions

Incident response with Forensics

Almost each incident response plan is followed by digital forensics proccess. CQR company has It’s own and unique methodologies for Forensics.

Incident response with Forensics


Incident response

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