GDPR Compliance service

Rely on CQR’s Team of Privacy Experts to ensure full compliance with the GDPR and protect your customer’s privacy.

What does GDPR provide?


More possibilities

Opportunity for your business to enter the global market


Data protection

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation


Security support

Cybersecurity support for your company

gdpr certification checklist


We take into account the specifics and legal basis of your activity


We study the scope and purposes of data processing for effective work


We analyze the networks and programs of your organization


We check the number of persons who have access to personal data


We consider the forms of maintaining a register of personal data


We identify risks that may arise during data processing


CryEye technologies work on 1,500+ security audits that solve millions of your cybersecurity problems of every format and specificity.

In the report you receive

Statistics of the work done

Cybersecurity recommendations

Preventive measures to ensure cyber protection of the system

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GDPR Compliance

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    CQR web security firm will prepare your staff and the entire organization’s security system for international CSAS Certification.

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    Get online security services for technical solutions across the entire company infrastructure.

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    Reverse Engineering

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    Compliance and Governance Service

    With business cybersecurity services, CQR will ready your company for international certifications.

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    Active directory audit

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    A detailed search for hacking artifacts: analysis of cyber threats and security recommendations.

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    Network Security Assessment

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    Infrastructure Protection by CRYEYE

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    Performance Testing

    All kinds of load and performance testing of your system from the CQR online security company.

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    Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability assessment testing in cyber security for business: Find out where the potential threat source is located, what impact it has on security, and what types of cyber attacks could be specific to your organization.

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    Social Engineering

    Get a Personalized Social Engineering Plan, so your business avoids Spear phishing/ Phishing/ Malicious attachments/ using system exploits as engineering attack. Train your employees to resist hackers

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    GDPR Compliance

    Get the best cyber security service from the CQR team to make your company GDPR-certified.

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    Azure Security Audit

    Protect cyber information logs and Azure technologies with Azure Security Audit via CQR to ensure timely security alerts.

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    Red Teaming

    CQR Company has many ways to test your system and does infrastructure pen testing through popular and sophisticated hacker intrusions before they do.

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