What is forensics?

CQR specialists use forensic computer forensics when it is necessary to analyze corporate fraud, suspicious database access activity and other incidents. Thus, all instances where cybercriminals attempted to gain access to your information are covered.

We use innovative technologies for data recovery, artifact collection and analysis.


Forensic data

Used to parse files, data structures, and binary strings left after an attack. Here, CQR specialists use the penetration tools demanded by hackers.

Forensic examination of
computer equipment

This is a study of hardware, the company’s specialized equipment for data cybersecurity. Our research concerns the features of controlling the operation of the gadget, the operation of Wi-Fi frequencies or the components of the internal skimmer installed on ATMs. Yes, we investigate cybercrimes.

Network forensics

Network forensics is the study of the network stack, such as monitoring and analyzing network traffic. This is necessary for intrusion detection,


Here we use data exclusion technologies from IOS and Android.

How we do computer

// step 1

We collect all information about the system and plan the task

// step 2

We study the problems of incidents in detail and create a cyber defense solution

// step 3

Creation of our methodologies and checklists for further analysis of the system

// step 4

Accumulating artifacts

// step 5

We carry out manual analysis of the found artifacts

// step 6

If necessary, we do a full system data recovery

// step 7

We analyze all event logs and system logs

// step 8

Targeted analysis of files of any type

// step 9

Hiring Reverse Engineering Specialists

// step 10

We prepare for you a detailed report on the state of the system and preventive cyber protection measures



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