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The goal of DevSecOps cyber security strategy is to enable organizations to make software delivery faster and more frequently, while maintaining high levels of cyber security and compliance.

We monitor and take into account all the new requirements that the modern era puts forward to safety.
Therefore, from the first stages of software development, we include automatic unit tests, trying to integrate them into each stage inherent in the software life cycle.

Overall, DevSecOps methodology aims to improve collaboration and communication among all members of the team, and to create a culture of continuous improvement and learning. By adopting a DevSecOps approach, organizations can improve the speed, quality, and cyber security of their software delivery process.


Security Dev Ops

At the moment, many companies use open source software and modules.

Cloud computing can be integrated with the DevSecOps methodologies approach to improve the cyber security, speed, and quality of software delivery. By using cloud computing services, you can take advantage of the scalability and on-demand access to computing resources that the cloud provides, which can help to improve the efficiency of the software delivery process.

DevSecOps methodology

DevSecOps is about securing at each step of the DevOps pipeline. It allows for security to be applied early in the process and when necessary, not just at the code stage.
First of all, we evaluate the current state of the infrastructure.
Having identified vulnerabilities, we develop a strategy that will allow us to cope with threats.
Also, CQR DevSecOps experts using SAC. Security as Code (SAC) allows security testing and scans to be implemented into your CI/CD pipeline to automatically and continuously detect vulnerabilities and security bugs. A company’s access policy is codified into source code so that everyone can see who has permission to do what with various resources.
Ultimately, these technical solutions are refactored to become part of the automatic unit testing of new features native to the code.

Security Dev Ops

What does DevSecOps Cyber Security
Strategy provide?

Security Dev Ops


By integrating testing and other quality assurance practices into the development process, organizations can improve the overall quality of their software.

Security Dev Ops


By automating and streamlining the software delivery process, organizations can reduce the time and resources required to deliver software, which can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Security Dev Ops


By automating and streamlining the software delivery process, organizations can deliver software faster and more frequently, which can help them stay competitive and responsive to customer needs.

DevSecOps from CryEye

CryEye takes care of creating a strong DevSecOps cyber security strategy already at the development stage, so that you avoid hidden vulnerabilities or obvious non-compliance with cyber security standards in the system later. After all, hackers also activate exploits at the stage of building your application.

Deep automated testing, using Security as Code (SAC) methodologies and surveillance in the production environment will prepare the system for updates, full compliance and mass use by your customers.

CryEye’s dynamic cloud solution provides reliable protection for systems that are rapidly evolving, scaling and updating their functionality.

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