CSAS Certification

We provide an advanced training course for future cybersecurity professionals: basics of testing and audits, security strategy learning, hours of practice with experts and, of course, gifts and certificates by the end of the training.

What’s the course about?

Continuous security audit

A deeply immersive cybersecurity automation with
an in-depth CI/CD process and work with the Cryeye cloud solution.

5 Lessons

3 Hours of practice

10+ Special technologies



15 years in IT Management process. Working at Apple, Facebook, Uber


15+ Experience in IT security.


10+ years of experience in development and security automation.

course contents

Pentest methodologies

Studying the basics of pentest, an introduction to continuous and automated network testing methodologies

Darknet monitoring

Continuous scanning and monitoring of darknet, study and review of audits, analysis of information

Continuous penetration testing

You will learn how to apply automation as productively as possible to network security scanning, as well as how to reduce the time spent on analysis and increase productivity

our students have already received their certificates

Other services

Performance Testing

All kinds of load and performance testing of your system from the CQR online security company.

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Infrastructure Protection by CRYEYE

Security audits via CryEye provide enterprise information security, protecting the entire infrastructure.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment testing in cyber security for business: Find out where the potential threat source is located, what impact it has on security, and what types of cyber attacks could be specific to your organization.

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Social Engineering

Get a Personalized Social Engineering Plan, so your business avoids Spear phishing/ Phishing/ Malicious attachments/ using system exploits as engineering attack. Train your employees to resist hackers

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Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities across your entire business infrastructure before hackers do! At penetration testing consulting, we will select pentest methods and other custom cybersecurity recommendations for your business.

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