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Bogdan Red
Bogdan Red

Experienced IT security professional with over 15 years of expertise, has deep knowledge in the field allows him to deliver insightful sessions, covering topics such as Pentest, Security Automation, and security best practices.


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Bug Bounty

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Security Automation

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Bogdan Red
Alexey Aurora

The cybersecurity training speaker has a wealth of expertise in IT security management, specializing in framework design, risk assessments, and incident response.


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Risk Assessments

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Framework Design

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Incident Response

Bogdan Red
Alirex Prime

Cybersecurity expert specializing in development and automation, brings extensive knowledge to training sessions. Their expertise empowers participants with practical insights and the latest tools, bolstering cyber defense strategies.


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Security Audits Development

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Security Automation

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Cybersecurity Auditing

Day 1 – 2

Fundamental basics


In this course, participants will explore certification, CI/CD, pentest methodologies, and creating self-written pentest automation. They’ll also learn about OS, software for security audits, and manual/automated API testing.

Getting to know

Getting to know

About Certification

Basic concepts of continuous infrastructure security testing

Pentest Methodologies

Pentest methodologies and checklist and types of pentests

Creating a self-written pentest automation solution

Commercial and Open-source software for security audits

API Testing and CI/CD

OS for pentesting

CI/CD process

Day 3 – 4

Deep Dive in Security Automation


In this stage, participants delve into the ecosystem of CryEye, gaining insights into its purpose, features, and upcoming developments. They explore the underlying technologies and seamless integrations while focusing on robust security solutions and empowering employees through specialized trainings, including social engineering awareness.

Introduction to Cryeye

What is Cryeye?

Detailed information on the features of the project

Technologies used in Cryeye

Technologies and Integration

NOC (Network Operations Center) Launching

Automation of Breach Detection

Active Directory Security Auditing

Source Code Analysis (Whitebox)

Security Solutions and Trainings

SIEM and XDR solutions

Employees Security Trainings (social engineering)

Day 5 – 6

Concepts, Training, and Processes


Concepts, Training, and Processes form the foundation of effective cybersecurity operations. This stage covers fundamental principles, practical training, and essential processes to develop a strong understanding of cybersecurity, enhance skills, and establish effective frameworks for protecting valuable assets against evolving threat

IT Security Concepts and Tools

Cloud computing for IT security – MPT tools

Hack Detection

Continuous Exploit Monitoring

Creating Smart Reports

Hands-on Training and Exercises

Hands-on training on Bruteforce

Hands-on CVEs and Exploits

Hands-on exercises on OSINT and exploration

Android and iPhone security auditing

Processes and Features

Blackbox process

Tagging system, templates

Whitebox process

Day 7 – 8

Cybersecurity Operations Suite


The Cybersecurity Operations Suite encompasses three key areas: Pentesting and Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting, and Process and System Management. This comprehensive suite equips organizations with tools and processes for conducting effective security assessments, monitoring threats, managing assets, and providing robust support for ongoing cybersecurity operations.

Pentesting and Auditing

Pentest Notes, Checklist

Active directory audit

Smart contracts audit

Monitoring and Reporting

Darknet monitoring

Vulnerability assessment reporting

Continuous penetration testing

Process and System Management

Assets management and NOC process

Interesting and Resource extraction system

Support system

Day 9

OSINT Recon. Deep Research Methodologies

Comprehensive OSINT Reconnaissance Lesson that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

Learn the fundamentals of OSINT and its significance

Master popular tools like Maltego and Recon-ng

Discover techniques to extract valuable information from all parts of web

Develop data analysis and visualization skills

Understand legal and ethical considerations in OSINT research

Engage in hands-on projects and real-world scenarios

Empower professionals in cybersecurity, investigations, and threat intelligence

Leverage OSINT effectively and responsibly

Day 10

Exam Day

Examination decision

Examination Review

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