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Automotive Penetration Testing

Secure your automotive systems with our specialized penetration testing service. We assess vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to enhance the security of vehicles and their connected systems.


Benefits of Automotive Penetration Testing

Identify Weaknesses

Uncover Hidden Weaknesses and Risks with Precision

We test your automotive systems for vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to enhance system security. Trust us to safeguard your vehicles and protect critical systems in the automotive industry

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Ensure Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

The specialists we employ are knowledgeable with industry norms and rules, so they can make sure that your systems adhere to specifications like ISO 21434, SAE J3061, and others.

Proactive Defense

Mitigate Security Risks with Proven Strategies

Your unique demands are taken into account while developing a tried-and-true solutions for reducing security risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety and security of your automotive systems and networks.



Cybersecurity Certifications

The team of cybersecurity specialists has years of expertise in the field and is certified. You can rely on us to offer the best Automotive Pentest Services available.


Automotive Penetration Testing Methodology

The approach we use includes six essential phases that guarantee a thorough assessment of possible cybersecurity vulnerabilities and offer specific recommendations for mitigation.

Our methodologies comply with global requirements:


Threat Modeling

The first step is to understand the automotive system’s architecture, components, and communication protocols. This includes identifying potential attack surfaces, such as infotainment systems, telematics units, and communication interfaces. A threat model is then developed to assess the system’s vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors.



This phase involves gathering information about the automotive system, including its hardware, software, firmware, and network infrastructure. This includes identifying the system’s functionalities, protocols used for communication, and potential entry points for attackers.


Vulnerability Assessment

In this phase, a systematic assessment of the automotive system is conducted to identify vulnerabilities. This includes analyzing the software components, firmware, and configurations to identify known vulnerabilities, weak authentication mechanisms, default credentials, and insecure communication channels.



Once vulnerabilities are identified, attempts are made to exploit them to gain unauthorized access or control over the automotive system. This may involve conducting remote code execution, injecting malicious commands, or tampering with communication protocols.


Post-Exploitation Analysis

After successful exploitation, the focus shifts to understanding the extent of the compromise and the potential impact on the automotive system. This includes analyzing the system’s response to the attack, identifying sensitive data at risk, and evaluating the potential for lateral movement within the system.


Reporting and Recommendations

A detailed report is generated, summarizing the findings of the Automotive Penetration Testing. This report includes the identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommendations for remediation. It may also include suggestions for improving the system’s security posture, such as implementing secure coding practices, enhancing encryption mechanisms, or conducting regular security updates.

Automotive Penetration Testing Overview

The Automotive Penetration Testing Service employs the most up-to-date methodologies and tools to completely examine and evaluate the computer systems, security features, and privacy protections of your car.

To make sure that your car is protected from any cyberattacks, the experts at CQR company use a detailed 6-step technique.

After the testing is complete, we provide a detailed report with recommendations for remediation and offer ongoing support to ensure your vehicle remains secure.


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Automotive Penetration Testing

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