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Automotive Compliance Service ISO 21434

Our team offers expert guidance on complying with internationally recognized ISO 21434 standards. We provide customized solutions and support to enhance the security of your automotive systems and protect them from cyber threats.


Benefits of Automotive Compliance Service

Risk Assessment

Uncover and Address Vulnerabilities

Our automotive compliance service assesses the cybersecurity risks in your vehicle using ISO 21434 requirements. We provide tailored recommendations and practical solutions to address these vulnerabilities, using our expertise and best practices to improve your vehicle’s cybersecurity resilience.

Expert Consultation and Support

Guidance Throughout the Process

A team of cyber security experts provides ongoing advice and support throughout the compliance process, helping you navigate the complexities of ISO 21434 and ensure your vehicles meet the necessary standards.

Automated Testing and Validation

Efficient and Accurate Testing

We use CryEye, a powerful cybersecurity tool, to test and verify your vehicle’s cybersecurity measures. This allows us to comply with ISO 21434 standards by thoroughly evaluating your vehicle’s security. By proactively identifying and addressing potential cyber threats, we help you enhance the overall security of your vehicle.

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Industry-leading certifications, such as ISO 27001, IEC 62443, and others, support the compliance services and guarantee that our approach to cyber security complies with the highest requirements.


Automotive Compliance Methodology

Our Automotive Compliance ISO 21434 Service is based on a six-step methodology

Our methodologies comply with global requirements:


Gap Assessment

The first step involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of the automotive organization’s existing processes, systems, and controls to identify gaps in relation to ISO 21434 requirements. This includes reviewing documentation, conducting interviews, and analyzing the current state of compliance.


Requirement Mapping

After identifying the gaps, the next step is to map the ISO 21434 requirements to the organization’s existing processes and systems. This helps in understanding the areas that need to be addressed to achieve compliance.


Risk Analysis

A risk analysis is conducted to evaluate the potential impact of non-compliance and prioritize remediation efforts. This includes assessing the risks associated with cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential safety risks to ensure that the compliance efforts are aligned with risk mitigation.


Process and System Enhancement

Based on the identified gaps and risk analysis, necessary enhancements are made to the organization’s processes, systems, and controls. This may involve implementing cybersecurity measures, improving secure development practices, enhancing supply chain security, and establishing incident response procedures.


Testing and Validation

After implementing the necessary enhancements, thorough testing and validation activities are conducted to ensure that the organization’s processes and systems meet the ISO 21434 requirements. This includes conducting cybersecurity testing, vulnerability assessments, and validation of safety measures.


Documentation and Certification

The final step involves documenting the organization’s compliance efforts, including updated policies, procedures, and controls. This documentation is essential for demonstrating compliance during audits. Organizations may also seek ISO 21434 certification to showcase their adherence to the standard.

Automotive Compliance Overview

Our specialists are ISO 21434 compliance experts, guiding automotive companies through the complexities of this standard. From risk assessment to cybersecurity implementation, we provide tailored solutions to ensure adherence to the highest cybersecurity standards.

We conduct risk assessments, develop cybersecurity strategies, implement controls, and monitor compliance. Partner with us to address vulnerabilities and secure your automotive systems effectively.

Take proactive steps to adopt ISO 21434 compliance to improve your standing, foster trust, and protect your brand. The professionals we employ recognize hazards, put in place safeguards, and create incident response strategies. Reduce risks before they have an impact on your organization, customers, or goods.


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Automotive Compliance Service ISO 21434

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