Why audit
Active Directory?

Our clients often argue that the more advanced and complex the characteristics of an Active Directory structure, the greater the control delegation list. An Active Directory administrator often needs help. CQR Company will solve all your problems. Namely, we will create help for you in the following aspects:

  • Detect users who created and/or deleted other users or an Active Directory group
  • We recognize the initiators of enabling and blocking the user
  • Find out the email address where the domain user’s passwords have been changed

Why you can
trust us

At first glance, Windows gives professionals the ability to view and analyze logs. But if you’ve dealt with AD auditing before, you know that these tools are not without flaws.

Let’s take the Event Viewer console. You are ready to start the audit. And suddenly you understand: the program provides only basic options for viewing and searching for information about events occurring in the system. Alas, even working with the best console, you, in fact, were left without processing, grouping or aggregating huge amounts of information.

Why is this happening? The task of conducting an audit depends entirely on the capabilities and level of training of a system administrator or information security engineer. But professionals from CQR Company will use specific scripts, such as PowerShell or VBS, to develop a log-based import and search system. After all, we are not only engaged in auditing, but we are looking for a creative approach to any task.


Active Directory, as the center of your organization’s infrastructure, ensures the secure and efficient operation of dedicated hardware, virtual network, and physical media. And CryEye ensures uninterrupted secure operation of AD. Full configuration and maintenance of active directory.

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We use audit
tools such as


Active directory audit

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