Penetration Testing.

  • Protect website or clean it from malicious code.
  • Defending the server or website against DDos attacks.
  • Security of the internal network of enterprises.
  • Complex solutions for website and server pentesting.


  • Information on the site is secure.
  • Stable operation of the site.
  • Stable operation of the server.
  • Elimination of the consequences of hacker attacks.
  • Data recovery and data deletion.

Express analysis

10-20 days
The analysis can be preordered in order to understand if there is a necessity of security audit in your company.
  • Basic 200 checks of the site and server

  • Reporting vulnerabilities found

Server security audit

15-30 days
Server full auditing on all known directions.
  • Check the relevance of the operating system and the patches,updates

  • Check for vulnerable software on the server

  • Verifying DNS configuration

  • Verifying SSL,TLS configuration

  • Analysis of the relevance of the software

  • Port scan

  • Check on the possibility of organizing a DOS attack using minimal resources of the attacker and vulnerabilities of the system

  • Test for resistance to DDOS

  • Search for bugs affecting work of the server

  • Finding malicious code and shell in the processes and hard disk

  • The analysis of the topology of the network and its security

  • Сheck whether you can manage the server outside the scope of access specified by the customer

  • Brute force of all used protocols and authorization systems on the server

  • Semi-automatic and automatic work on finding vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability scan server services and components

  • Server check on the possibility of obtaining confidential information

  • Check all available software on buffer overflow

  • Identifying atypical behavior and incorrect server responses

  • Checking for vulnerabilities in global databases

  • Modeling attacks on link layer protocols - ARP, CDP, STP, VTP

  • The analysis of rights to documents and common policy of work with documents and folders

  • Analysis of the ability to run commands remotely

  • Network interference when there is possibility

  • Check the security policy of the server and strategy development

  • Check for logical errors server settings

  • Social engineering

  • Search for unclosed repositories

  • Analysis of server management system and server virtualization

Recovery of deleted data

5-15 days
Use of modern technologies on data recovery.
  • Restoration of intentionally deleted files using software

  • Recovery of accidentally deleted files using software

  • Physical hard drive recovery

  • Recovery of files from SSD

  • Recovery of files from memory cards

  • Recovery of files from CD/DVD

  • Recovery of files from Flash drive (USB flash drive)

  • Recovery of files from damaged or broken devices

  • Data recovery from Raid Array

  • Restoration and finding lost files

  • Data recovery with non-working PC

  • Trying to restore encrypted files

  • Help in restoring lost passwords to your mail (required: confirmation email)

Data deletion

from 3-12 days
Completely erase the data beyond recovery.
  • Destroying data from hard drive beyond recovery

  • Destroying data from USB beyond recovery

  • Destroying data beyond recovery

  • Instructing on data encryption

Cleaning and protection from viruses on the server

from 5-12 days
It will help to clean your server from malware.
  • Audit server for malware (malware invasion)

  • Steps for detecting pathways of malicious software on the server

  • Develop an algorithm for cleaning the system from the effects of a virus attack

  • The package of measures for preventive protection of the server and website attacks

  • Recovery of damaged files

  • Recovery of damaged database

  • Recovery of deleted or copied database

  • Analysis of system logs, identifying exploit and the attack algorithm

  • Calculating the cost and the amount of work to address all known vulnerabilities that caused the attack

  • Update system and software installed on the server

  • System Status Monitoring

  • A detailed report on all detected viruses and attack classification –if it is a targeted attack or not

  • Installing a basic protection on the site/server that reduces the risk of getting malware

Protection of personal computer

from 3-12 days
The range of measures on minimization of risks on your computer.
  • Speed up your PC by optimizing installed software and hard disk space usage

  • Check PC for malware (malware invasion)

  • Analysis and deletion of malware

  • Installation of protection on PC

  • Setting a security policy on PC, on the network

  • User consultation on protection and PC optimization issue

  • Notifying users of impending attacks

  • Analysis of the software installed on a private PC

  • Analysis of the data transmission systems and cables within the object

  • PC system and event logs analysis

  • Infected files treatment

  • Deleting potentially dangerous software or moving it to quarantine

  • Identification of possible local or global attacks on the user's machine

  • Development of secure passwords storage and system for generation of most complex passwords

  • Update system and software installed on the server

  • Install proactive protection systems

  • Safe work in the system of instant messaging

  • Security levels set by the administrator

  • System Status Monitoring

  • Phishing resources database with automatic update

  • * Optional - creating database and files backups in the cloud

Protection of the individual from identity theft

10-12 days
A range of measures related to the protection of social engineering and data leakage.
  • Check for identity theft

  • Analysis of social networks, personal accounts on messengers and possibility for hacking or abuse

  • Mailbox Security Audit

  • Client’s corporate mailbox security audit

  • Analysis of the potential leakage of personal information or confidential data

  • Monitoring negative reviews

  • Legal aid to fight back against Internet defamation

  • Audit and analysis of personal devices, gadgets and installation of effective protection

  • Analysis of personal mail for targeted attacks (viruses, fakes)

  • Monitoring identity theft issue and notifying of potential threat

  • Development of the confidential file storage strategy

  • The range of measures to protect against fraud

  • Comprehensive consultation on the subject

Protection from DDOS

30 days
Installation of a full system of protection against this type of attack.
  • Protection against known attacks through vulnerabilities of other servers

  • Readiness to protect against SYN-flood, UDP-flood, ICMP-flood, Logical flood, MAC-flood

  • Protection from attacks on all protocols used on the server

  • Resource audit for the presence of internal overload provoked by buggy software

  • Monitoring and warning of attacks

  • Installation of individual protection for each client

  • Configuration and optimization Nginx, Apache, other servers to work properly with network packages

  • Search for help and solution to the problem when software causes recursive queries and high load

  • Help to ban bots that collect information from the website and overload it.

  • Systems of analysis and monitoring of server and operating system errors

  • Analysis and monitoring system

  • DNS server protection

  • Installation of protection systems against local DDOS attacks

  • Notifying when the site is down, and when it is up again

  • Identify ways of tracing the real server IP and preventing the possibility of such actions

  • Protection from Slow response attacks

Protection against website and server hacking

30 days
Short description of the package
  • Protection from scanning server vulnerabilities

  • Update Software for any CMS including custom CMS

  • Update server software and upgrade operating system if necessary

  • Notification of the hack or hack attempts

  • Monitoring of attacks on the server

  • Consultations in the field of hacking using social engineering

  • Protection of game servers

  • Installing the server protection systems and tools for control the possible attacks

  • Controlling leakage of corporate data across different data transmission channels

  • Setup of secure data transmission using certificates and protected channels

  • Help to ban bots collecting information from the website and parsing it

  • Notifying when the site is down and up

  • Installing WAF protection systems

  • * Optional - creating database and files backups in the cloud



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