What is cyber security penetration testing safety? Cybersecurity firms and companies

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     Comprehending your cybersecurity threat landscape for your organization is vital to ensure that your systems and networks remain digitally safe. It is essential to understand your vulnerabilities to make appropriate decisions. However, this has been quite challenging due to the increasing number of databases in the contemporary environment.  

Cyber Security penetration testing safety is imperative because it helps you safeguard your data proactively by assessing all your safety protocols.  Besides, it enables you to analyze, test, and build a robust cyber defense- regardless of how huge your data stores. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of what is cybersecurity testing safety.

Cybersecurity penetration testing safety

     Cybersecurity penetration testing involves the overall process of testing networks, computer systems for any vulnerabilities or weaknesses. It is also commonly referred to as ethical hacking, and it entails trying to hack systems in an attempt to identify any vulnerable spots which real attackers could exploit. The person performing penetration testing on cybersecurity safety in your organization is expected to select a target, obtain crucial information, find out for any security gaps and then come up with a detailed report on the findings.  

You can carry out the penetration testing process manually or automatically through the use of various software applications. Penetration testing is mainly a controlled form of hacking in which attackers act on your behalf to find out and test multiple vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. The tester’s report on penetration testing is essential for your organization because it informs you of your cyber controls’ appropriate choice.

     Some of the common vulnerabilities that cyber attackers or hackers could exploit usually come from; inappropriate configuration, use of unknown hardware and software flaws, or even weaknesses in the operational processes or technical countermeasures. 

 Figure1: Penetration testing

The main key steps in penetration testing

  1.  Planning or reconnaissance; this is the first phase of pen testing, which involves defining various test parameters, and it entails researching the target. 
  2. Scanning: this is the second stage of penetration testing, and it involves scanning the code or platform to find out how it will respond to a particular attack.
  3. Analysis of Vulnerability: This is the third step of penetration testing, and it involves uncovering various vulnerabilities and then target them for hacking.
  4. Exploitation:  This step involves carrying out a special attack and then testing the extent of vulnerabilities.
  5. Analysis: This is the last step of penetration testing which entails coming up with a complete result on the findings’ results and creating a plan to remedy these vulnerabilities.

Figure 2: steps of cybersecurity penetration safety

Importance of cybersecurity penetration testing safety for your organization

Performing penetration testing safety assessment for your company is imperative because it helps identify various vulnerabilities that are likely to cause harm to your computer systems and networks, resulting in the loss of sensitive and confidential information. Therefore, penetration testing is essential for the security of your organization.

 Figure 3: Importance of penetration testing

     Carrying out vulnerability test automatically is essential because it provides you with valuable information regarding your cybersecurity status and in understanding various security issues that you are likely to encounter. Almost every week, new cybersecurity threats are identified and exploited by cybercriminals.

 Cybersecurity penetration testing safety is vital for your organization because;

  • It helps you identify various security threats to address them and implement appropriate security control mechanisms.
  • It helps you in making sure that the existing security controls in your organization are effective.
  • It helps in testing new software, application, and systems for any bugs.
  • It helps in supporting your company in complying with the relevant privacy laws, regulations and policies. Penetration testing will help you in complying with the set organization standards and security regulations.
  • It guarantees customers and other essential stakeholders that their information is secure and is protected. By reducing attacks, you will be able to protect your business and consumers as well.
  • It helps in measuring risks and vulnerabilities that are likely to pose a major threat to an organization.
  • Penetration testing helps you become proactive rather than reactive because it enables you to identify various vulnerabilities and fix them before the attack happens.
  •  The report finding of penetration testing can help you to develop an effective cybersecurity strategy.
  • Pen testing provides you with real-world insights as you can know what your vulnerabilities are and see gaps in how attackers are likely to hack your systems.

Figure 4: Benefits of cybersecurity penetration testing

Cybersecurity Firms

Organizations see data as one of their most valued assets whose loss is likely to lead to customer dissatisfaction. Cyber resilience has become the new paradigm for cybersecurity organizations. Today business organizations collect information and data almost in every element of their business, and as a result, resilience has exponentially grown.

 Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for every business organization, and many of the firms are scrambling very hard to get defensive measures in place. As the vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, cybersecurity organizations are recommending new strategies and measures to counteract these attacks.

 Figure 5: penetration testing companies

Cybersecurity helps business organizations prevent attacks by safeguarding networks, applications, soft wares, and hardware on their behalf. However, attackers have increasingly established new ingenious ways of counteracting defense mechanisms. This has made cybersecurity firms accept the fact that stopping cybersecurity threats entirely is challenging. Cybersecurity firms help develop security solutions that help minimize the effects and disruption of the hacking process. 

 Most of the cybersecurity threats today come from email, and therefore, cybersecurity organizations emphasize developing cybersecurity resilience strategies, especially for email, data backup, and recovery.  A strong cybersecurity resilience helps business organizations continue with their operations without any disruption during a particular attack. Data security firms help business organizations ensure that their data is safe and protected from any form of corruption or disorder by attackers or third parties.

 Cybersecurity firms help assess your sites for any vulnerabilities and provide effective guidance strategies—cybersecurity penetration testing firms in creating effective cybersecurity threats you can trust. Cybersecurity firms help business organizations implementing various resilience strategies to help them make sure that their data is safe.

 Here are some of the most innovative and top firms that offer cybersecurity services;


This is one of the leading cybersecurity firms that helps business organizations in keeping their emails safe. The organization uses cloud-based services in promoting cyber resilience to protect their email risk management.

     The Mimecast cybersecurity firm helps in providing Email security for organizations. The firm assists in providing automated threat detection services to prevent advanced cybersecurity threats like ransomware, phishing and fraudulent activities that may result from impersonification. Mimecast cybersecurity firm has a detection engine that helps stop spam, viruses, and malware, thus preventing data leakages.

The cybersecurity firm tends to provide a multipurpose archive for emails, files, IM conversations in its cloud services. This helps ensure that data is always safe, secure, accessible, available, and protected from any malicious activity that may compromise it.


     This is a cyber-security that provides security software and hardware services. The company helps business organizations by protecting their information from any malicious activity or attack that may compromise the company’s data.


     This is a multinational cybersecurity firm whose headquarters are located in Moscow in Russia. A holding organization operates the company in the UK. This organization helps develop and sell antivirus, internet services, and other cybersecurity products and services.

 Figure 6: Penetration testing

Advantages of cybersecurity Firms

  • Cybersecurity firms such as Mimecast are fully integrated with SaaS-based solutions that help reduce cybersecurity threats such as the complexities involved in the management of Emails.
  •  Besides, cybersecurity firms help in guaranteeing business organizations continuity. The firm assists in providing automated threat detection services to prevent advanced cybersecurity threats like ransomware, phishing and fraudulent activities that may result from impersonification.
  •  Cybersecurity firms also offer many training programs and tools that help create awareness of cybersecurity, particularly among the users. For instance, cybersecurity firms generate awareness among the End-users on the possibility of cyber threats that are likely to compromise their information. Cybersecurity firms help you in assessing your sites for any vulnerabilities and provide effective guidance strategies—cybersecurity penetration testing firms in creating effective cybersecurity threats you can trust. This in building trust among your customers and stakeholders because they are assured that their information is secure.

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