23 Фев, 2023

Testing AMAZON WEB SERVICES: cyber security testing in 2023

What hosting service hosts your application and works with web servers that are secure, convenient, and with access to detailed documentation? Many of you will choose AWS for this purpose. However, there are some things that you should know before using AWS. Here is a list of the most common issues that users face:

Lack of control over your data

          Limited access to configuration options

          No access to detailed documentation

          Slow response times

          Lack of support for third-party applications

That’s why Amazon Web Services needs regular audits to protect you from direct and indirect financial risks. So, our experts prepared this small review of AWS cybersecurity.

By the way, it is security, convenience, and detailed reporting that exactly define the essence of cyber firm CQR.

That’s why you can’t forget about the cybersecurity of your web server or system foundation. CQR does functional load testing and scalability testing to keep data on AWS safe from cyber security risks maximum.

For system load testing, the front end (analyzing any user interaction with the interface) and the back end (auditing hundreds of connections to the system endpoint and containers in the infrastructure) are monitored. Also, it security testing of the entire infrastructure is performed both with and without the platform’s access keys, and control panel, and completely without them.

Testing AMAZON WEB SERVICES: network and security in 2023

We are approached with cases of server access hacks on AWS, so we help with problem-solving and preventive cyber defense methods such as test vulnerability, testing websites for hacking, and entire network security tests, for example.

Last year (2022), for example, a group of hackers launched a first-of-its-kind malware targeting Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, a serverless computing platform, called “Denonia”. In addition, scam ads were spotted in Google search results used to redirect unsuspecting users to fraudulent websites with phishing credentials that are targeted to steal Amazon Web Services (AWS) logins.

AMAZON WEB SERVICES: cyber threat maps and causes

Attempts to hack into AWS, sometimes successfully, happen every day over the world and someone is probably trying to hack into Amazon’s web system right now. The cyber threat map shows a breakdown of the number of attacks by country, with the US and China being the most targeted. The map also shows that most attacks come from China, Russia, and Brazil.

Without Amazon Web network threat assessment you may suffer from the most common reasons for hacks:

          initial potential CVEs in applications

          insecure configuration

          cryptography errors

          leaks of user

          cloud solution administrators’ data

But all these problems can be solved by the participation of specialists. The Amazon Web network threat assessment is an important part of the cloud security strategy. It can help you avoid a large number of cyber threats and attacks on your business. If you want to be safe in this world, then don’t waste time – get started with it today!

We at CQR address misconfigured system and service access, outdated software, insecure third-party applications, the potential elevation of privileges in applications, S3 enumeration buckets, finding them in domains, etc.

Amazon web security testing gives you manual and automated network security testing and analysis and finds any system vulnerability. In addition, you need Security Best Practices and Tips. A consultation with company information security gives you real recommendations on how to improve it for your network!

Blockchain & social media

Blockchains can also be used to authenticate identities and verify accounts on social networks, allowing users to see where information is coming from—and providing a new barometer by which they can judge the credibility of the content.

Damon Brown – a well-known journalist and TED speaker – predicts that blockchain technology could soon interfere completely with the social networking mechanism we know: from equalizing users’ rights and increasing trust in the credibility of the social network, to demonstrating the user’s responsibility to their online community. For example, last year Reddit began rewarding active community members with exclusive tokens that can be exchanged for traditional money or other goods.

And all these innovations are generating demand from fraudsters, who also see new opportunities in this.

Blockchain phishing

An email to the work email or messenger of any company employee is already a direct threat to all digital business assets. Owners or intermediaries of crypto-assets are not immune to such hacks.

Fake airdrop blockchain

A company may want to implement an airdrop into a business strategy and get its funds blocked. It is possible not to get any free coins, but only to open your wallet to hackers. That is, attackers steal your wallet’s unique key, block your access to it, and withdraw all funds.

Something similar happened in the summer of 2022 when hackers sent 74,000 owners of cryptocurrency wallets operating on the Uniswap blockchain an offer to receive fake coins. About $4.7 million was stolen in this way.

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