07 Окт, 2022



Which cyber as a service helps to fully investigate a hack of your business, show complete attack maps, and expose the vulnerabilities that lead to a potential intrusion? 

“Network traffic is transmitted and then lost, so network digital forensics is often a proactive investigation”, – Johann Casey (from “Digital Evidence and Computer Crime”). 

All you have to do is find a trusted certified cyber forensics professional to provide you with such it cyber security services in 2023.

Pick your cybersecurity forensic expert в 2023 году

With CQR, you will find forensic data recovery near me cheaper. The CQR team deals with several areas of Forensics – network security forensics, forensic data analysis (data recovery in cyber forensic), mobile forensics, and computer forensics data. So digital forensic analyst CQR gets you all the data about incidents that have happened and potential incidents, information about the technology, and circumstances in the system that was used and led to the attack. We find weaknesses where there is already or maybe a hotbed for the next hacker intrusion, and we make sure to implement cybersecurity incident response technologies. 

CQR digital forensic investigator finds information about:

Network traffic

Cyber crime scene investigation

Backdoor tunnels via digital forensic analysis

Files and binary strings left behind after the attack

All the tools and technologies used by the hacker

Specifics of Android and iOS data exclusion

Features of physical gadgets, specialized hardware, virtual systems

About the components of the internal data skimmer

and much more

At the CQR consultation, you will learn the stages of cyber security and digital forensics from a forensic computer analyst and the features of the rest of forensic hacking и cybersecurity technology.

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