11 Окт, 2022

CRYEYE – CLOUD-BASED CYBERSECURITY SOLUTION: Choose among the best cyber security firms in 2023

Most of CQR’s customers are companies with physical and cloud components. CryEye was created to provide your cybersecurity in any hybrid environment with physical, virtual, and cloud media. So, that way, you get web security in network security, computer security includes, and other benefits for cyber it solutions in your organization. Working with containers, cloud storage, and serverless computing among others. 

With CryEye you will know what is vulnerability scanning and will get threat and vulnerability management from cybersecurity specialists. 

Получить testing network security for your organization’s cyberspace security with CryEye

Finding “sophisticated” weaknesses is possible with Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring, providing a cyber scan for system behavioral controls (Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Management, and other technologies), and Security Audit Monitoring via network security company CryEye.

As a result, your servers, applications, file stores, containers, source code, and network infrastructure remain protected by international cyber tech security standards. 

Get security cyber as a service for business data safety

“The average total loss incurred by companies as a result of hackers stealing their data is $3.86 million”, – according to IBM estimates. 

Thus, cyberattacks cause both an increment within the costs of companies for secure cyber solutions and diminish their potential pay, as a result of which they lose benefits and are regularly constrained to diminish the scale of their activities or indeed exit the market.

CryEye conveniently integrated cyber security testing services and other technologies to provide you with private cyber security as well as corporate. Information security measures won’t work effectively if they work in isolation. You get team integration of multiple technologies, scalability, technical support, and detailed documentation of work done and results of the whole company or exact computer security testing or defense.

Cybersecurity technologies focus on two main objectives: defensive and offensive. So not only do you see the risks, but you look at your system through the eyes of a savvy hacker to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

ЗАЩИТНЫЕ cyber security information technologies 

For example, cyber security prevention is provided with test security of network and many other technologies and services:

  1. Соответствие требованиям GDPR
  2. Сертификация CSAS
  3. Реагирование на инциденты
  4. Оценка Рисков
  5. Проверка Кода Безопасности (WHITEBOX)
  6. SOC Услуги
  7. NOC Услуги
  8. DevSecOps
  9. Обратный инжиниринг
  10. Compliance And Governance Service
  11. Компьютерная Криминалистика
  12. Infrastructure Protection By CRYEYE

In this case, every CryEye specialist is your personal security auditor, who helps find vulnerabilities, analyze the nature and scale of risks, and provide detailed recommendations on how to eliminate existing threats or avoid potential ones.

Offensive technologies: cyber safety and security for the whole business

  1. Красная Команда
  2. Аудит безопасности Azure
  4. Тестирование на проникновение
  5. Аудит смарт-контрактов
  6. Аудит
  7. Оценка Сетевой Безопасности
  8. Cloud Amazon Security Testing
  9. IOT Security Audit
  10. Нагрузочное Тестирование
  11. Оценка Уязвимости
  12. Социальная инженерия

Here, CryEye is a cybersecurity auditor who prepares your system, its components, and employees for real-world attacks of any kind. It’s detailed and continuous testing of your system’s robustness across countless points. 

CryEye is not just a cyber company, it is your opportunity to know and control the security status of your data, not an attempt to evade vulnerabilities by running in a vacuum, thanks to the integration and individual selection of technologies specifically for your organization.

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