OSINT and Penetration Testing Collaboration

OSINT is the deepest reconnaissance of all legal sources, which is the foundation for all activities to ensure system cybersecurity.

It is the detailed finding by precise criteria and data analysis that forms the basis for finding vulnerabilities, weaknesses, risks, and cybersecurity threats.

Stages of an OSINT reconnaissance operation

Source identification: an examination of all sources inside and outside the system to find potential information.

Data collection: at this stage, information is selected from previously studied sources.

Data processing and integration: operational analysis of information.

Data analysis: here, the obtained data are subjected to more filtering and analysis with OSINT tools.

Provide results: OSINT analysis is completed and the CQR team provides you with the results in a detailed report of the reconnaissance mission.

However, for greater cybersecurity, this data is shared with cyber defense specialists for pentesting.

Pentest and OSINT

Once you’ve realized with OSINT how vulnerable your system looks to a cyber penetrator, you move on to securing your data.

With Penetration Testing, as with any cybersecurity technology, a foundation in the form of an OSINT reconnaissance operation will help in accumulating information about all past, existing explicit, hidden, and potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Once you know what information can be gathered about you from open sources, you can use it to help yourself or your cybersecurity team develop effective defense strategies. OSINT can meet all the challenges that private investigators face.

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