#cybersecurity #forensics 07 Oct, 2022

Forensics: investigating past and future attacks

The CQR team deals with several areas of Forensics – network forensics, forensic data analysis, mobile forensics, and computer forensics. So you get all the data about incidents that have happened and potential incidents, information about the technology, and circumstances in the system that was used and led to the attack. You find weaknesses where there already is or can be a hotbed of the next hacker infiltration.

CQR specialists find information about:

Network traffic
Backdoor tunnels
Files and binary strings left behind after the attack
All the tools and technologies used by the hacker
Specifics of Android and iOS data exclusion
Features of physical gadgets, specialized hardware, virtual systems
About the components of the internal data skimmer
And much more.

At the CQR consultation, you will learn the stages of Forensics and features of the rest of cybersecurity technology.

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