• Getting your website to the top of search engines.


  • SEO optimization provides high rank to your site in organic search in Google and Bing.
  • Allows to leave the competitors far behind due to higher ranking of the site in search engines.
  • SEO increases traffic, attracting new and targeted customers.
  • Sites with high ranking in search engines increase brand recognition and inspire trust.
  • SEO promotion works are conducted for 3-12 months, and then this advertising method does not require additional investments, and your site keeps on ranking high in the search engines.
  • The cost does not depend on the number of visits to the website.

How to start?


We create a
commercial offer to you

Each client gets a detailed
commercial offer

We discuss all details

We recommend to order promotion
from 3 months



Planning individual
promotion strategy

Taking into consideration, all needs and goals of the client
we develop advertising strategy

Introduction of the strategy and monthly reports

Ongoing analysis and implementation
of new instruments
to improve results


Works Package1 Package2 Package3 Package4 Package5
Cost of advertising campaign, USD/per month.
1000 1500 2000 3500 5000
Internal optimization
Unique content
Usability - - -
Work with keywords:
Collection and coordination of keywords; Formation of semantic kernel of the site;
The ratio of keywords, HF/MF/LF 33%33%33% 33%33%33% 33%33%33% 33%33%33% 33%33%33%
Drafting, discussion and setting the tasks for the copywriter
Volume of SEO texts 20000 35000 50000 65000 75000
Adding unique content to the project, its optimization
Analysis of the most powerful competitors, their performance and quality of the link mass - - -
Preparation of strategy on link buying:
Work on optimization:
Optimization of meta-tags;
Titles of the pages;
Setup of robots.txt, sitemap.xml;
Configure the server redirect;
Removing duplicate pages;
Fix "broken" links;
Installing the metric system and configuring the webmasters;
Required time for programmer’s work, in hours - 3 10 20 30
Selection of landing pages and manual testing of pages
Work with link exchange markets using own strategy:
Buying monthly backlinks to the site;
Work with link exchange markets using own strategy:
Buying lifetime backlinks to the site;
- -
Monitoring of suppliers and discarding of low quality and unindexed links
Strengthening of links by means of referrals, buying active links, work with behavioral factors -
Work on increase of social media activity - -
Crowd marketing, collection of target sites, registering on them and posting links -
Monitoring and analysis of traffic with help of analytics and metrics systems
Setting up RSS channel to speed up indexing, work with Twitter for new pages - -
Control of works. Watching the progress.
Analytics. Compilation of information for the report.
Analysis of first month strategy, and its adjustment based on the results of the first month



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Additional services

On-site SEO audit

Complex audit

Sanction removal


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