CSAS Certification

Continuous Security Auditing Specialist (CSAS).


Certification and training includes:
Full program on integration of continuous security auditing tools for professionals.
Deep dive into continuous and cloud security solutions and advanced integration techniques.
Access for private and most advanced tools available in market.

Program includes:

– Continuous penetration testing
– Vulnerability assessment reporting and collaborative work
– Assets management
– Hands on Bruteforce
– Hands on CVE and Exploits
– Hands on OSINT and Recon
– Continuous Exploits monitoring
– Cloud computing for IT sec
– Continuous Data Leaks monitoring
– WAF deployments
– SIEM solutions
– Employees Security Trainings ( Social engineering)
– Smart Report creation

Requirements for training are:
2+ years in IT security field ( verified)
Corporate email
At least one industry verified certificate.

If Not eligible:
Please write in order to find a way we can provide you a slot.

Number of slots:
Limited to 20

What you will get after getting certification:

– Ability to use Private Software for your organization, not available for public usage.
– Ability to integrate Continuous Security Auditing
technologies in our organization
– Ability to request feature addition requests
– Community and support from CQR team and Cryeye project.
– Partner program on software distribution

Number of instructors during training:


Training goes on discord app and it is live sessions with questions and screen sharing.

Screenshots from training:

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