#cyber defense #defi 02 Nov, 2022

Cybersecurity for DeFi

Cybersecurity in decentralized finance – does it even exist?

This is a controversial question at the very least because the DeFi market has no data protection parameters. Anonymity is good, but not when hackers have, for example, access to the Darknet, where your data will become anonymous and quickly sold.

What other reasons to worry about protecting your project’s smart contracts? One of the main ones is vulnerabilities in smart contracts. 

CryEye experts examine the code base of your smart contracts. After that, all the testing tools. You get a report with the vulnerabilities found and precautions against potential attacks.

What happens if you don’t audit a smart contract?

Nomad Bridge was an unfortunate example of a smart contract hack in 2022. The bridge was hacked for $190 million because of a small inaccuracy in the code. The Nomad smart contract failed to properly verify transaction entry.

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