CryEye – your cloud-based cybersecurity solution

Most of CQR’s customers are companies with physical and cloud components. That’s why CryEye was created to provide your cybersecurity in any hybrid environment with physical, virtual, and cloud media. To work with containers, cloud storage, and serverless computing among others. 

CryEye protects your system with a vulnerability scanner, firewall, IPS, and other methods. Finding “sophisticated” weaknesses is possible with Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring, system behavioral controls (Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Management, and other technologies), and CryEye Security Audit Monitoring.

As a result, your servers, applications, file stores, containers, source code, and network infrastructure remain protected. 

CryEye is a conveniently integrated cybersecurity technology. Information security measures won’t work effectively if they work in isolation. You get team integration of multiple technologies, scalability, technical support, and detailed documentation of work done and results.

Cybersecurity technologies focus on two main objectives: defensive and offensive. So not only do you see the risks, but you look at your system through the eyes of a savvy hacker to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

CryEye is your opportunity to know and control the security status of your data, not an attempt to evade vulnerabilities by running in a vacuum.

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