01 Nov, 2022

Can your data be leaked to Darknet? The cyber solutions in 2023!

Everyday cybersecurity experts deal with the theft of confidential and private data. Naturally, there exist preventive methods to avoid data leaks, and experts regularly develop protective techniques. But hackers don’t sleep either – it’s a never-ending race of progress – after each precedent, new types of protection are created, but hackers also come up with new theft strategies.

How it works?

More often than not, criminals work to steal mass information. Although there are also private purposes of attacking a certain person.

Let’s say social networks. After hacking into social media databases, hackers can have access to any of your information that you have added there – photos, chats, cards data, phones, etc. And they don’t need that data from just a regular person, by the way. But with millions of these people they can sell the information to other criminals. Who, for example, are interested in hacking into a specific corporation. And this common man is an employee of the corporation. That’s when social hackers and non-engineers can develop serious cyber attack plans.

What exactly could be hacked from you to sell to the Darknet:

  1. cloned credit cards and cardholder data

  2. accounts from PayPal, Western Union, etc.

  3. your cryptocurrency account details

  4. social media accounts

  5. fake documents

  6. email databases

For example, the base with telephone numbers, full names, and cities of residence can be purchased for $200, and the base of individuals – from $100. In this case of AI and human hacking, prices depend on the number of lines in the database.

Most hackers sell data in bulk and change prices depending on the number of lines or completeness of the information.

You can buy programs on the Darknet that hack into certain systems, or you can “order” information about a specific person.

So you see the importance of information security in cyber security when hackers now have the latest tactics to break into your corporate and personal data. New threats meet new cybersecurity companies, which means the market has new cybersecurity technologies. One among cyber protection companies is CQR. What solutions will help your employees and the entire business? 

The CQR team has created the CryEye All-in-One tool to prevent you from becoming a victim of a Darknet data breach.

Among other top cyber security products you can check out and order, CryEye provides security audits for Darkweb Tracking.

Why do you need to know right away if your data is in the Darkweb? Darkweb Tracking the best cyber security protection 2023

  1. Speed and efficiency. You will not find security methods on the market today that monitor your system faster and deeper than CryEye audits.

  2. Convenience and additional unique features. You will be able to watch the publications of both specific users and groups. Besides, where else can you find the opportunity to check posts that have been removed from the Darknet? 

  3. Individual approach to cybersecurity. Everything you are worried about – we are already monitoring. This is how internet security for companies is ensured with CQR technologies. You just need to subscribe to the resources you are interested in. Also, you can set up triggers to respond to any mention of you or information for which you plan to learn everything in the Darknet.

  4. The Darknet is a place where you can find anything. It is the digital underground, where everything that the authorities do not want us to know or see is hiding. You will be able to find out what happening around the world and adapt your business strategy.

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