02 Nov, 2022


“Mobile malware has grown by 118% in recent years”, – according to Security Signals. Therefore, CQR will provide web applications with security on the internet.


Why do you require an Application Security Audit?


The experience of leading web security companies in 2023

CQR monitors your system for detection:

  • information privacy breach
  • network threat assessment
  • violation of information availability
  • a popular method of attacking your web application is to exploit its vulnerabilities.
  • Also, you may face a DDoS attack if the data leaks into the network. 

CQR finds vulnerabilities in business web applications with the best cyber security solutions before a hacker finds them in you and exploits them. Don’t delay network vulnerability tests, and find cyber threats on the WEB in a timely manner. 


Business solutions from cyber security testing company. Why CQR specialists conduct a security audit of your web applications:

  • To make sure that the solutions used for app security meet cybersecurity standards
  • Get information to identify the current level of the risk in WEB network security system faster

What methods are available for auditing web network security?

  • Bruteforce directory and file scanning
  • Checking the security level of your web resource authentication system
  • Searching for vulnerabilities in server components and in the web server environment
  • Search for known vulnerabilities
  • Detection of attempts to exploit a zero-day vulnerability in your system
  • Comprehensive web network protection
  • you can learn about web security in network security with the CQR team more

What the CQR team achieves with WEB network vulnerability scanning tools:

  1. WEB network security risk assessment: performing a security-level scan of the web application architecture
  2. WEB network vulnerability assessment: identification of existing vulnerabilities in web applications, prioritizing their risk 

As with any CQR technology, you get a detailed report at the end with recommendations for improving web network and information security and measures to protect against potential attacks.

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