All about Web Application Security Audit

Why do you require an Application Security Audit?

CQR monitors your system to detect:

  • information privacy breach
  • violation of information availability

A popular method of attacking your web application is to exploit its vulnerabilities. Also, you may face a DDoS attack if the data leaks into the network. 

To prevent hackers from exploiting your vulnerabilities, CQR finds them. 

Why CQR specialists conduct a security audit of your web applications:

  • To make sure that the solutions used in the WEB application meet cybersecurity standards
  • Get information to identify the current level of the risk WEB application

What methods are available for auditing web application security?

  • Bruteforce directory and file scanning
  • Checking the security level of your web resource authentication system
  • Searching for vulnerabilities in server components and in the web server environment
  • Search for known vulnerabilities
  • Detection of attempts to exploit a zero-day vulnerability in your system
  • and more you can learn with the CQR team at [email protected]

What the CQR team achieves in the Web Application Audit:

  • Identification of existing vulnerabilities in web applications, prioritizing their risk
  • Performing a security-level scan of the web application architecture

As with any CQR technology, you get a detailed report at the end with recommendations for improving information security and measures to protect against potential attacks.

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