A quick way to fully test system security

For newly created applications, it is important to test their suitability and readiness for regular mass use. The same applies to an information system that has long been the foundation of your business. The level of data security during any period of its existence needs to be monitored and analyzed. This is the only way to ensure further cybersecurity.

 CQR specialists have highlighted the criteria of activity analysis, which are implemented in in-depth security monitoring of your system. All of these are used in Load and Performance Testing using CryEye’s cybersecurity technologies.

The performance of your system is tested by attributes, some of which are listed below:

  1. An allowable number of users working.
  2. Performance of all aspects of activity at different load levels
  3. Allowable performance limits at different load levels
  4. The execution time of system operations at the same time or individual each

Load testing focuses more on the impact of traffic on your system:

  1. System performance under the influence of high traffic
  2. Comparison of system performance under different user counts
  3. System performance under normal load

Yes, it is possible to get a bug even under normal load conditions. CQR specialists have once encountered a “negative optimization” of the code. Thus, every user request to the server was duplicated in RAM. We continuously monitor the system under different conditions, so that you then do not reload your system every time your cache overflows, or do other unnecessary work.

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