1,500 audits – solving a million problems

The full cybersecurity cycle is continuous monitoring and in-depth auditing. In addition, separate technologies must be used to specifically analyze all systems and their individual components. This is very cumbersome and not always the most effective process. To achieve this maximum, CQR has created the CryEye cloud solution. It integrates all cybersecurity technologies and security audits. You can find the technologies here (“here” should be clickable with a link to the page of all services), and in this article, we will briefly go through the audits.

CryEye security audits are integrated inside the system, commercially oriented, working with the source code.

More about auditing privileges:

The process of in-depth and detailed analysis of all system data
Security strategy
Concentration on finding and managing vulnerabilities
Reconnaissance operations
Exploit discovery
IT NEWS monitoring
Identifying weaknesses, risks, and threats
Neutralization of cybersecurity incidents
Regression analysis and testing
Automatic and manual vulnerability detection and analysis
SIEM Solutions
Detailed Reporting

You can learn even more about CryEye security audits at the consultation. You can filter activities, and track the process and outcome of audits.

CryEye audits are a cybersecurity tool whose work is tailored to your individual infrastructure for complete protection.

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