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Cybersecurity services that protect the company from hack, malware and data breaches.

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Cybersecurity Social Engineering Service

Social Engineering

Get a Personalized Social Engineering Plan, so your business avoids Spear phishing/ Phishing/ Malicious attachments/ using system exploits as engineering attack. Train your employees to resist hackers

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Advanced IT Penetration Testing Service

Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities across your entire business infrastructure before hackers do! At penetration testing consulting, we will select pentest methods and other custom cybersecurity recommendations for your business.

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Network Security Audit

Network Security Assessment

CQR provides network security solutions to let you know: Where are the biggest security vulnerabilities? How to provide network security protection for my business? What kind of network risk assessment plan is needed?

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All defensive services
Security Code Review Service

Security Code Review (WHITEBOX)

With White Box, CQR pentesters perform a detailed cyber security penetration testing of your system, having full information about the infrastructure.

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Security Operations Center

SOC Service

Monitor, search and analyze real-time breaking systems/Avoid cyber threats/Proactive threat prevention

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Cyber Incident Response Services

Incident Response

The Incident Response technology makes your security system up-to-date and effective. Also, CQR will quickly detect and respond to system data leaks.

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Cybersecurity certification
Systems Security Certified Practitioner Certification
Information Technology Certifications
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
Certified Ethical Hacker Master Certification
Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification
Offensive Security Web Expert Certification
Offensive Security Exploitation Expert Certification


attack company

Attack company – a division of CQR specializing in attack actions and covering the entire cycle of an ethical hacker attack on a company

Attack Company
Red Teaming Services

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    Smart contract audit

    What About Crypto?

    We protect your business crypto-assets with in-depth source code analysis of smart contracts.

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    Cloud based continuous auditing and security monitoring solution

    Our Secret Weapon

    Cryeye tool that our experts use to identify vulnerabilities in networks through 1,500 audits

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