• Promoting the brand in social media, increasing awareness and expanding the target audience (potential clients).


  • SMM allows you to create a trust relationship between users and the brand.
  • Allows you to reach a broad audience regardless of their regional origin.
  • It is possible to identify the target audience with a high degree of accuracy and increase the number of subscribers/potential clients.
  • There is feedback from users that allows you to respond quickly and to handle the requests and wishes of the audience.

How to start?


We create a
commercial offer to you

Each client gets a detailed
commercial offer

We discuss all details

We recommend to order promotion
from 3 months



Preparation of individual
promotion strategy

Considering all needs and goals of the client
we develop advertising strategy

Introduction of the strategy

Ongoing analysis and implementation
of new instruments
to improve results

Works Start Start+ Promotion Promotion+ Support
Cost of service a month, USD.
on one platform (at customer’s choice)
(facebook, instagram and others)
120 180 300 540 180
Creation of community - - -
Design -
Analysis of competitors -
Adding content
Development of content strategy
Development of promotion strategy - -
Daily publication of posts 2 posts
a day
3-4 posts
a day
2 posts
a day
3-4 posts
a day
2-3 posts
a day
Attraction of initial subscribers 300 subscribers 500 subscribers - - -
Work of brand advocates
Holding competition - - -
Attraction of targeted audience - 100-200 300-500 500-700 100
Communication with users
Work with negative reviews
Support of community
Integration with Instagram(Facebook) - - -
Creation of internal landing page(Facebook) - - -
Setup and maintenance of targeted advertising (Instagram, Facebook) -
Analytics and reporting



Years of experience


Finished projects



Additional services

Promotion in Instagram


Adding items on display

Publishing content

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