• Website visibility in search engines on specified keywords for attraction of the target audience.


  • The advertisement is seen only by users who are really interested in information or visiting the site as they enter the specified keywords in search engines.
  • Contextual advertising allows you to get the first targeted visitors within a few
    hours after the advertising campaign was created.
  • Only clicks to your website are paid.
  • Suitable for business of any size.

How to start?


We create a
commercial offer to you

Each client gets a detailed
commercial offer

We discuss all details

We recommend to order promotion
from 3 months



Planning individual
promotion strategy

Considering all needs and goals of the client
we develop advertising strategy

Introduction of the strategy

Ongoing analysis and implementation
of new instruments
to improve results

Works Start Opti Profi
The cost of creating the advertising campaign, in USD.
The advertising budget is defined by the customer
on the basis of our recommendations
120 240 380
The number of platforms (Google.adwords) 1 1 2
Setup and launch of advertising campaign
Work with extensions (addresses, phones, quick links)
Dynamic Search Ads
Linking your account to Google.Analytics -
Bid adjustment ads (7 days) -
Advertising in the KMS and remarketing -
Work to increase CTR - -
A website audit
Recommendations for improving the structure and content of the website
- -
The cost of the monthly advertising campaign, in USD.
Cost is selected for each campaign individually
From 80 from 160 from 240



Years of experience


Finished projects



Our clients